Own Your Space

March 18, 2010
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When you find yourself thinking “I don’t feel like myself today,” see if anyone comes to mind?  There is energy in your space that has tapped into your power. It may be a global or cultural energy of fear, triggered by an act of violence on the planet. It could be a co-worker or family member that is driving a specific agenda. Whatever the source, it created an energetic cord that prompted you to match that picture. A trigger to match energy usually comes from previous life experiences that were unresolved.

Another form this takes is when you feel a person come to mind over and over again. It may be a person you don’t see every day or a person you haven’t seen in many years. It also may be a person that is in your life daily. Regardless it’s as if they are ringing the doorbell of your mind, over and over again. They are in your psychic space. You may like this person’s energy and feel inclined to let it be even if it’s a bit distracting. Alternately you may find it very irritating and want to pull a Rambo to forcefully kick them OUT of your mind.

The critical piece is acknowledging you have seniority over your own space. You are the one who manifested this body. What you choose is the bottom line rule for your energy and you have complete authority over it. Here are a few simple exercises that can be used to reclaim your psychic space:

  • Imagine cleaning out the center of your head so that you are the only one in there. Spray it out with an imaginary fire hose or blow it clean with a fan.
  • Visualize hanging up the telepathic phone line.
  • Look at your relationship with the person and picture updating it to present-time with clear boundaries.

Seniority is an act of self-care. Seniority requires diligence and self-awareness. It is a gift to the person whose energy is in your space, inviting them to return to themselves.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    You’re right, Natalie. It’s so important to own our own mind and thoughts. I like your suggestion to imagine cleaning out the center of our head and updating our mental picture of our relationship with someone whose image or energy brings us down or creates a chronic emotional battle. I think a great help in that process is to repeat a daily affirmation that will help reinforce positive thoughts over negative ones – not just about others, but about ourselves. We can’t just eradicate negative thoughts, we have to replace them with positive ones…like your suggestion to notice our thoughts and insert positive affirmations.

  • Sofia says:

    How can you tell the difference between someone coming to mind over and over again because YOU are thinking of them(worried i’m invading their psychic space), or if it is them entering your psychic space?

    • Natalie says:

      That can be tricky! My rule of thumb is that if the thought of them interrupts me its a sign that its not me initiating the connection. I also understand and have experienced thinking a lot about someone I have unresolved experiences with or a desire to have more communication with than is available.

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