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Private Reading & Healing Session

Natalie Cutsforth

A private session is a reading and healing where I look at your soul records that are either ready to be brought into consciousness, updated or released. To support your personal transformation, I remove energy blocks and make way for you to call-in new positive experiences. In a session you may update or end soul contracts, clear out harmful energy to reduce stress or anxiety, reclaim your energy from energy vampires, rebalance karma — all with the intention to align more fully with your soul’s plan for this lifetime. The shifts happen in layers and fresh levels of awareness follow. It is a process not an event.

While one session is powerful, I encourage a series of three to six readings, as this has proven over and over to take the transformation to deeper levels. Clients repeatedly have major breakthroughs in their lives after a series of monthly sessions.

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What to Expect in Your Session?

Receive spiritual guidance directly from YOUR SOUL. As your soul is one of a kind, your session will unfold in its own unique way. You will get the most out of your session when you come with a few questions, experiences or areas in your life where you are open to healing and clarity. The more you focus your intentions, the more deeply we can create personal transformation. At the same time, its not required that you do any homework or prepare for the session.

The following are some possibilities of how we can work in our time together:

  • Healing Relationships – Are there areas in your relationships where you are struggling or lack clarity? Would it be helpful to get a different view? To see how the relationship is operating on the soul contract level? To release aspects that aren’t working well and infuse it with desired energies?
  • Healing Your Body – Do you have unresolved or unexplained pain? Is your sleep disturbed? Do you feel drained or tired often? Do you have fertility issues?
  • Remove Blocks – Are there desires that you have that are unfulfilled? Are there new things you want to experience but can’t seem to let yourself do? Do you feel negative energy blocking movement forward in your career, prosperity or joy?
  • Help Making Decisions – Are you struggling with a decision regarding home, career, school, money or any other area of your life and need help getting clarity?
  • Healing Emotional Wounds – Have you had trauma in the past that still disturbs you? Do you find yourself suffering from depression, anxiety, heartache or grief?

Your session is recorded for you. Listening to your reading again after the initial session provides new layers of healing and awareness. We work via phone, internet video conferencing. In-person sessions are available in Central Oregon.

Rates and Cancellation Policy:

  • Private Reading and Healing Session via ZOOM, Phone or In-Person $400
  • 3 Session Transformation Package via ZOOM, Phone or In-Person $945
  • 6 Session Transformation Package via ZOOM, Phone or In-Person $1800
  • Group Reading and Healing Session via ZOOM $75
  • Pull past reading recording from archive and re-send 3+ months after private session $20
  • Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled a minimum of 24-hours in advance or full payment will be required

Self Care After a Session

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