Sacred Mentoring

Do you feel called to explore and express your spiritual gifts 

26 years ago a dream led me to my spiritual mentor. I had no idea why I needed to meet her, in fact I felt scared. It was before I understood my gift as a psychic and energy healer yet I was compelled to listen to the call and follow it. 

She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself, provided tough and tender guidance, held space for the divine mystery to unfold. Thus began my healing journey, resulting in deep peace within myself and boundaries that gave me enough energy to help others heal.

I began Sacred Mentoring in response to requests from clients who wanted to be guided in the way I was blessed to be guided by my mentor. Taking the next step on your soul path, may call you to explore your inner mysteries with guidance. 

The process is unique for each person I mentor, as you are one of a kind in the Universe. You have a unique path that needs to be discovered rather than following a path someone else has shown you.

I mentor growth oriented intuitive women and the trans community. Professionals, therapists, doctors, healers and business executives, who want to integrate their spiritual gifts into their personal and professional lives, in order to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment, purpose and empowerment.

This powerful one-on-one work opens once a year to 8 mentees who are ready for their next step.

Sacred Mentoring application is closed until 2024. Complete the form below if you are interested in more information when the program opens.

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Core Elements of Sacred Mentoring...

  • Your Spiritual Board of Directors - Name your spiritual board of directors, make a commitment to stay on your path.
  • Clear Your Path - Begin a series of clearing rituals. Clear and heal your mother and father lineage. Clear and heal your previous sexual relationships. Clear and heal your work/career to open for new possibilities.
  • Your Soul’s Wisdom - Be guided into your own Akashic records to get insights
  • Your Sixth-Sensory and Healing Gifts - Reflect on your experiences of energy reciprocity and what form/s and preferences work best for you. Identify what feels good and what doesn’t.
  • Your Gifts in Relation to Your Career - You have a “calling.” What is ready to shift to embody more of your gifts in your work to create a more fulfilling life?
  • Your Boundaries - A necessity for healthily offering of your gifts in the world. Setting your space without blocking reciprocity. 
  • Your Relationship with Money - Work on your relationship with money as a symbol of energy exchange. Identify and release blocks. Open to new levels of havingness.
  • Your Creative Energy - Creative energy impacts all you get to be, have and do. Activate, re-balance and heal your creative energy. Notice how you were programmed to limit the expression of your second chakra, clear and reset it.
  • Your Power - Reclaim it from cultural programing / conditioning, workplace trauma/toxicity, patriarchy.
  • Your Personal Sacred Practices - sweating, conversing with the divine, oracle divination, ritual, altars etc


“2022 was a massive unfolding for me, it boggles my mind to feel into how much has shifted internally and the strength and groundedness that has come to be my natural state. From this place I opened my coaching practice, first new blossoms on the tree of my Soul's work! Natalie's work has impacted me greatly and I honor the ripples it made in my life. They have had a direct effect on my own healing journey and my ability to inhabit the gifts entrusted to me for this life.” Jessica, Coach

"Natalie's skillful guidance, tools, and rituals made me much more clear about my soul's work and how to access support and wisdom to create new ways of being in the world.  Freeing myself from generational patterns which have limited both my sight and my ability to create a path that works for me.  Also, being in the mentoring relationship with Natalie taught me to turn down my analyzer and trust my intuitive sense more deeply - as I could compare what I was seeing with what she was seeing.  Since working with her, I have rearranged my working relationships, I have stepped more fully into my marriage, and feel more grounded and supported to strike out on something new.” Anne, Global Lead - Executive Women's Leadership

“Sacred Mentoring with Natalie helped me to trust in my natural intuitive gifts. The tools I’ve learned have allowed me to experience a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment both personally and professionally. With her expert guidance and love, I was able to access invaluable knowledge and become more empowered in my own knowing.” Stephanie, Psychotherapist

“Natalie’s mentoring program was a true blessing. It was offered at the exact time I needed it to gain clarity and get a push for transitioning into a new phase in my life. I am extremely grateful for the work we did together.” Isabelle, Medical Doctor

"I've never felt as much at peace and self-aware, self-assured about what I want, what I need, and where I stand. I've been able to hold my ground. It feels empowering." Kate, Senior Director Executive Communications

“If you are hesitating about making the commitment to Sacred Mentoring, I would encourage you to trust your interest in this journey and jump right in! From personal experience, working with Natalie on this level was one of the most gratifying, nurturing and satisfying experiences I have ever had. I can testify that it will be an amazing experience that will help you more than you can ever imagine.” Deborah, Psychotherapist

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