Sacred Mentoring

Do you feel called to explore and express your spiritual gifts 

25 years ago a dream led me to my spiritual mentor. I had no idea why I needed to meet her, in fact I felt scared. It was before I understood my gift as a psychic and energy healer yet I was compelled to listen to the call and follow it. 

She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself, provided tough and tender guidance, held space for the divine mystery to unfold. Thus began my healing journey, resulting in deep peace within myself and boundaries that gave me enough energy to help others heal.

I began Sacred Mentoring in response to requests from clients who wanted to take the next step on their soul path, a step that was not a class or session - rather exploring their spiritual interests and gifts in a purposeful way. 

This program opens once a year and is limited to a small number of people who are ready to have me hold space for their next step - living with their natural gifts more fully expressed. 

The 2023 Sacred Mentoring Program will open to new mentees soon.

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