“In the first session Natalie cleared things I’d probably spent $10,000 working on in therapy for over a decade.” – Abigail H

“The clarity, depth, and accuracy of Natalie’s insights was stunning.” – Richard C.

“I felt as if I was residing in a “new” body. I felt stronger and more fluid. I usually have some digestive issues as well, but I think by clearing out the middle chakras we got my system moving again this morning. Natalie is a gifted and loving conduit of energy and love.” – Catie M.

“I’ve worked with Natalie multiple times and each session seems more profound than the next. Her gift of language and description artfully catches each nuance. Her compassionate approach lovingly releases the past. Natalie is a most reliable pillar of my support system. I highly recommend working with her!” – Christine M

“Natalie’s online class was absolutely incredible – I was blown away by the content. Not only was the information extremely valuable, I am impressed with how clearly and coherently it was organized and presented.” – Trace R

“Natalie offers a link to another level of perception and she accesses it in the most professional manner I have experienced. Delightful, straightforward, and amusing, Natalie is willing to take you on an exploratory journey that never fails to bring forward interesting possibilities. Subtlety, like knowledge, is power – you receive both if you are willing to ask.” – Jim S.

“Natalie has a grounded and loving way of guiding you to greater self-knowledge that assists you on your soul’s journey. I experience profound ‘ah-ha’ moments during and after our sessions, as well as noticeable energetic shifts resulting in deeper peace and joy. She delivers spiritual insights and information with humor, kindness and compassion. Working with Natalie is like getting to go through the spiritual express lane. Sometimes you are just doing the work, work, work and you wonder if any updates are happening “up there.” There is some relief in knowing that you have an advocate “down here” making sure the akashic record backlog doesn’t slow down your growth!” – Jennifer H.

“Our journeys sometimes require the assistance of a guided friend and seer in order to shift to our place flowing with milk and honey. Such was my case and thus my seeking out Natalie’s services. Her tender touch and skilled, spiritual eyes very gracefully saw the blocks and her reading was incredibly accurate. I find it difficult to articulate her work since it is profoundly personal and deep, but can verify with conviction that her gifts speak for themselves. She is 100% able to see to the heart of the matter with swift precision. My session with her was a wonderful adjunct to the work I had been doing and expedited my healing as well.” – Lynne G.

“Natalie was able to help me with relationships I’d been struggling with for years, and cleared obstacles I didn’t know were there. I woke up the next morning able to breathe more easily than I had in years. Natalie was able to help me gain insight into doubts, confusions, and heal physical pain that I’d been unable to remedy through MD’s and acupuncture. She’s offered me powerful, life changing support.” – Goli D.

“I experienced last night the second of an enormously enlightening, healing and transforming session with Natalie. I am in awe of the power of healing to completely change the ground I have been standing on. The healing comes from seeing the source of pain or misunderstanding of circumstances and suddenly understanding the amazing capacity that I have to expand with love and profound intelligence. I am in awe of the divine direction of my life, and humbled by the limitations of mind to comprehend the challenges. What is asked is a deepening trust to drive my life forward towards more and more freedom… I am becoming more and more aware of my visual access to information and more intimately connecting to my own direct experience as the path to my own divinity. It is unleashing a new dimension of my creative and spiritual life.” – Giovanna V

“Natalie’s reading via Skype, while I was in Europe (the Netherlands), connected me with a deep wisdom around my questions related to creative work and physical health. The healing part was magical. It feels like she was able to remove energetic blocks that kept things separate and confused, whereas now they naturally come together and start to flow with clarity, fresh energy and motivation. It was a gift to experience Natalie’s qualities of a bright consciousness, a strong voice and a gentle loving heart. ” – Susanne H.

“It is interesting, but I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and energy after our session. It’s exciting to think about new possibilities now that these energies have been cleared.” – Danette M.

“What I liked most about working with Natalie was knowing that I was safe, loved and secure. She was able to tap into my subconscious and to draw upon things I needed to witness, consider and contemplate. By just being in her presence and letting her guide me through a cleansing or exploration of my chakras and my interactions with people, family and beloveds from my past and present, I was able to gain a better understanding of my current situation and be present for my future.” – Joel H.

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