Book: Tame Your Energy Sensitivity

Many of You are Sensitive to Energy

My heart's desire is that my little book will help you or your loved one, understand what it means and how to set boundaries to be happy and healthy.

Tame Your Energy Sensitivity, Empath, Sensitive Person

Sensitivity is not always simply having a stressful response in the mind, body or emotions to situations you encounter. Many sensitives are reading the energy around them by feeling it in their body. This activates a stress response because it disrupts their own senses—creating doubt and distrust for the signals from their inner guidance.

Energy sensitives, also known as empaths, often navigate life not understanding this. Many empaths have heard the whispers of their inner guidance but don’t know how to translate it or what to do with the information. The messages from their body have long been disregarded, and they’ve often experienced intuitive hints as something “wrong” with them.

Relearning trust for an empath means understanding that a knot in the stomach or anxiety for “no reason” is in fact an empathic sensitivity trying to get their attention. Whatever the reason, know this: An empath’s inner-peace depends on only reading people with permission.

In Tame Your Energy Sensitivity, through the true story of Tasha the tiger readers discover that you can reclaim trust in your senses when you understand your true nature. 

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