Highly Recommended Practitioners

I'm picky about who I'll work with and you should be too. 

Its important to work with personal growth and healing practitioners who are grounded, have good boundaries and a regular self clearing practice. 

I highly recommended these practitioners. 

I trust them with my energy and you can too!

Transform Your Health - Kimberly Sanders

Activating radiance through radical self-love, Kimberly Sanders is a light house offering space for reflection, in pure celebration of a recalibration of your DNA. She will give you the tools to step into a portal of a daily practice for opulent, radiant health through Organic Superfood Nutrition and lead you in a 90 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Honoring the gift of CELLf care. 

Crystal Healing, Eden Energy Method Practitioner

Justicia Crystal Energy Healing - Angela Goodstien

As an Eden Energy Method Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Healer, Angela Goodstien has an intuitive sense of what will best support and honor your journey. Each session is infused with love and purpose to realign the energy of your space and your spirt and remove energetic blocks. Crystals serve as the foundation of Angela's work. She also uses reiki, cupping, rituals, ancient wisdom, and intention as tools for purification and reconnection. Within your exists the divine capacity to change, heal and grow.

Reiki Master - Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles is an internationally renowned Reiki master and the foremost Medical Reiki pioneer, drawing from the depth of her spiritual practice to bring Reiki to conventional medicine in the 90s. She’s collaborated on various projects with academic medical centers including Yale, Harvard, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Pamela has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, including the preeminent Journal of the American College of Cardiology. She’s also brought her insight to corporate outlets such as Google and Unilever. 

Marcia Wade, Star Sister Astrology, Astrology Readings

Star Sister Astrology - Marcia Wade

Known to thousands of people worldwide as Star Sister, Marcia Wade brings decades of study of astrology, ancient mythology, and the energetic signatures of  the Sacred Feminine to her work at Star Sister Astrology.  A growing focus of her work is the new planet discoveries that are transforming our consciousness and our lives.

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