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Natalie CutsforthI’m an intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. I believe your spirit guided you here to take your next step and shine bright in the world. In my teens and twenties, I picked-up so much empathically and didn’t know how to translate it — let alone how to adjust the volume so I could feel good. I often felt overwhelmed, drained or anxious from the energy I encountered around me at work or in social situations. When I discovered it was possible to feel better by setting my energy, I began studying and practicing regularly. I learned to trust my intuition deeply and set boundaries so I felt more at peace. Now I guide people like you, to make your journey easier. So let’s get started.

When you trust your intuition, your purpose clarifies and your spirit shines. Are you tired of feeling drained by your sensitivity? Are you struggling with overwhelm or anxiety? Do you want to feel protected and clear minded in the presence of negative energy? You’ve come to the right place. A compassionate and courageous place, to learn, grow and shine bright.

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Worry, Triggered, Sensitive

Uncertainty Triggers Our Inner Child

March 18, 2020

You feel something you can’t explain. You aren’t sure what you are sensing. You don’t act on it because it’s not clear. Your failure to take action leads to a negative experience. For most energy sensitive’s not...

Stressful Email, Mean Text, Angry Comment

Energy Hooks or Whacks sent in Texts & Emails

February 23, 2020

You can feel it, the text that hooks you or shifts your focus to something besides what you were focused on. The post comment that you can’t forget about as you scroll. The email zinger that that leaves you drained,...

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