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Be Powerful

Natalie —  April 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

There are a lot of mixed social messages about power.  People strive for it, fear it, are drawn to it, angry at it and feel guilty about wielding it.  It is suppressed, idolized and ridiculed.  From an early age we are taught to conform to the collective, and therefore redirect or deny aspects of our will.  Most of us were trained to fear showing our power because we were punished for doing so.  When we deny or suppress our power we are restraining our capacity to contribute good creative energy to the world.  Power is directed energy.

If you feel guilty about being your naturally powerful Self, here are some reminders of why it’s good:

  • Owning our personal power allows those around us to relax because they don’t have to “care take” us or guess about what we need.  We’re solid, clear.
  • When we express our truth in a vulnerable and authentic way, we’re more powerful and approachable.
  • Activating our will power allows us to overcome inertia, move forward in life.
  • Setting clear intentions is powerful. Magic happens when we are in this zone.

Disempowered people don’t seem to be living much at all.  They carry lots of disappointment, anger, apathy and depression.  To stand in our power (truth) we have to be willing to disappoint people we care about in the short run.  They may not like our choices but if we make choices to please others, that are not true to our path, we eventually will disappoint them with our lack of full investment in the decision.

Healthy power does not dominate but vibrates truth.  The more we align with the truth of our desire to create and allow it to flow, activating directed energy, the greater we feel.  The third chakra is where our will resides, our core, the center most pivotal point of our physical body.  To release social programs and other self-imposed limitations to our power, we can clean out the third chakra and fill it in with our own vibration. 

In the meditation space, imagine a large bubble a few feet away from you.  See all the energy that is not yours but in your third chakra move out of it into this bubble.  Send the control energy, family expectations, pressure to conform, apathy, anger or fear energies that are in this space out to the bubble.  When the bubble is full and your third chakra clear, imagine the bubble floating to a far away place and pop it in your mind’s eye.  Then give your third chakra a new color that represents your vibration today (any color but white).

Anodea Judith writes in Wheels of Life, The User’s Guide to the Chakra System, the third chakra is home to “the spark of enthusiasm that ignites power and will.” We all desire to live ignited, inspired lives.  We have this ability within us.  It’s simply a matter of clearing away what is blocking our natural power so we can live purposefully.

Own Your Space

Natalie —  March 18, 2010 — 5 Comments

When you find yourself thinking “I don’t feel like myself today,” see if anyone comes to mind?  There is energy in your space that has tapped into your power. It may be a global or cultural energy of fear, triggered by an act of violence on the planet. It could be a co-worker or family member that is driving a specific agenda. Whatever the source, it created an energetic cord that prompted you to match that picture. A trigger to match energy usually comes from previous life experiences that were unresolved.

Another form this takes is when you feel a person come to mind over and over again. It may be a person you don’t see every day or a person you haven’t seen in many years. It also may be a person that is in your life daily. Regardless it’s as if they are ringing the doorbell of your mind, over and over again. They are in your psychic space. You may like this person’s energy and feel inclined to let it be even if it’s a bit distracting. Alternately you may find it very irritating and want to pull a Rambo to forcefully kick them OUT of your mind.

The critical piece is acknowledging you have seniority over your own space. You are the one who manifested this body. What you choose is the bottom line rule for your energy and you have complete authority over it. Here are a few simple exercises that can be used to reclaim your psychic space:

  • Imagine cleaning out the center of your head so that you are the only one in there. Spray it out with an imaginary fire hose or blow it clean with a fan.
  • Visualize hanging up the telepathic phone line.
  • Look at your relationship with the person and picture updating it to present-time with clear boundaries.

Seniority is an act of self-care. Seniority requires diligence and self-awareness. It is a gift to the person whose energy is in your space, inviting them to return to themselves.