Group Sessions

Make a pratice of tending to your spirit

Group Reading and Healing Sessions are an powerful way to experience Natalie’s transformational clairvoyant work. There’s an alchemy that occurs as each person adds to the collective healing potential by bringing to the surface areas that all people present are ready to have healed.

During each private event Natalie raises topics such as health, relationship, money, home, family, purpose — then calls on volunteers who have raised their hand with a question on the topic.

After reading and responding to the individual's question, she looks at the group psychically, shares what she sees regarding the group “match,” and gives each person in the group a healing.

Your individual insights and healing are miraculously multiplied by the group energy. Often a question you had not considered asking or do not know how to ask, is asked by someone else, and this provides surprisingly divine timed personal transformation.

Group Reading and Healing Sessions occur on the second or third Sunday of each month at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/6pm Greenwich. These events will not be recorded for the privacy of participants. limited number of seats are available for each group session. 

PLEASE NOTE: it's possible not all participants will be called on for a reading in the two hours, although so far this has not been the case. Regardless, everyone benefits from the groups collective healing agreement. 

“Personally, I received healing from almost everyone's question.” 

— Tury

“In the group reading with Natalie, we removed possibly the biggest program or conditioning that wasn’t allowing me to stand for my own life, for my own self-love, the ability to trust the knowing of what I feel in my body.” 

— Kimberly

“I was surprised that I felt something in common with everyone’s questions and the wave of healing.” 

— Lori

Important Details Ticket Purchasers

  • You will receive an email with access when your ticket is purchased. Check your spam folder if you do not.
  • ONE person per ticket is allowed to be present in the ZOOM room.
  • Make sure your ZOOM ID name is the name you used to purchase a ticket so the admin lets you into the event.
  • You must keep your camera ON so I can see you when I need to without taking time for your technical adjustment.
  • Please keep your mic muted unless called on.
  • Please keep your question concise out of respect for others

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