Fresh Energy Fast

What if you never felt drained by another person again?
With the Fresh Energy Fast, there's no need to keep having your energy depleted. You'll learn how to identify and stop your energy leaks in just 10 days.

Recharge Your Energy, Meditation, Energy Drained

Start shifting your
energy today for JUST $35

Tell me if this sounds like you... 

  • You find yourself exhausted after being around certain people
  • You take care of other people's needs and don't have energy left for yourself
  • You wish what's happening in the world wouldn't stress you, but it does

What if there was a way to be a loving person and not let other people or what's happening in the world drain your energy?

That is exactly why I created Fresh Energy Fast. I want you to be able to recognize energy leaks so you can stop them and reclaim your energy, in just 10 days.

The Fresh Energy Fast method will transform your life. By tracking the energy exchanges you have with people each day -- for just 10 days -- in your Fresh Energy Fast Journal, you will quickly identify where you are losing energy or absorbing negative energy, and what it affects in your life. Each day in the journal you simply check a few boxes to map what happening. Then use the Stop Energy Leaks Cheat Sheet to identify which of 14 types of energy leaks you are encountering by there symptoms or behaviors. Once you know what your dealing with, use one of two quick tools provided to stop the energy leak!

Proactively prevent energy leaks from happening over-and-over, with the Beautiful Boundaries Guided Visualization audio, the way to set and protect your energy in just 5 minutes a day.

This 10 day method will get you to consistently notice and shift your energy exchanges. I've included a daily accountability email for the 10 days to help you stay motivated. You can set the 10 days to start whenever you like in your course portal.

Right now, you're feeling your energy is drained in one or more areas of your life whether it be from relationships, at work, or what's happening in the world.

Imagine if you were able to recognize the secret operating patterns behind energy leaks such as cords, hooks, vampires, whacks, and more? Identify how your energy is being drained and stop the leak -- without having to end a relationship, quit your job, or turn off the news.

It's easier than you realize. You can experience the shift, reclaiming your energy in 10 days with the Fresh Energy Fast method.

Recharge Your Energy, Meditation, Energy Drained

Includes: Fresh Energy Fast Journal,
Stop Energy Leaks Cheat Sheet,
Beautiful Boundaries Guided Audio,
10 Days of Email Accountability 
All for Just $35

I’m Natalie Cutsforth an intuitive reader, healer mentor and facilitator life-changing transformation with clients all over the world. In my teens and twenties, I picked-up so much empathically and didn’t know how to translate it — let alone how to adjust the volume so I could feel good. I often felt overwhelmed, drained or anxious from the energy I encountered around me at work or in social situations. I spent 22 years in the business world and encountered as many types of energy drains as you can imagine. When I discovered it was possible to feel better by setting my energy, I felt more at peace. I created this program so you don't have to take the long road I did. So let's get started!

Sacred Mentor, Empath Strength Training, Stress Relief

So how does this work?

For 10 Days you will use the easy tools below to shift and uplift your energy.
Total time commitment 20-30 minutes a day.

Beautiful Boundaries Guided Audio

Time Commitment: 7 minutes
Action: Listen and follow the guided visualization to set and protect your energy each day. You can do it in the shower, before bed or on a walk.

Fresh Energy Fast Journal

Time Commitment: 10 minutes
Action: 10 days tracking energy exchanges
with the people. The daily template leads you through key factors that impact your energy. 

Stop Energy Leaks Cheat Sheet

Time Commitment: 5 minutes
Action: Use the answers from your Fresh Energy Fast Journal to quickly get crystal clear, identify and stop your energy leaks.

Daily Inbox Accountability

Receive a daily email reminder for 10 days with positive affirmations to help uplife and shift your energy. You get to decide when the 10 emails start, kick it off in your course portal.

ADD the Companion Book
Tame Your Energy Sensitivity

Time Commitment: 5-10 minutes
Action: Read 4-10 pages daily to deepen your understanding of how energy is sensed, how it impacts you, and relearn trust that when you sense energy it is real. 


Question: I've tried everything, therapy, meds, meditation so I don't know if this will work for me?
Answer: This practice does not require psychological processing or emptying of your mind, rather you will use proactive tools to understand the energy that drains you and stop it.

Question: I'm not sure if it's me that is draining other people or if other people are draining me?
Answer: This practice will help you see how the energy operates so you can get clear about who it is. The same tools that you use for protection also work if you need to stop draining others energy.

Question: I'm too worn out to stand my ground.
Answer: This practice doesn't require confrontation or speaking your mind unless you want to. What it does, is help you change the way you engage with other's energy, so the other people's energy doesn't negatively affect you.

Question: What if my partner, co-worker, friend or someone important gets upset with me?
Answer: Choosing equal energy exchange, where you give and receive in balance without getting depleted is not asking for too much. It is respectful.

Question: How much time will it take for me do do?
Answer: 20-30 minute for 10 days.

Question: Do I need to have special software to do this course?
Answer: You will need to be able to open a PDF.  You have the option to print all PDFs. The journal has fill in the blank and check boxes for digital use.  You will need to have an audio player on your device (computer or phone) the same type you would use to listen to music.

Who is this for?

Helpers, Healers & Superheroes

...if you help others, heal friends and family or save them from their difficulties, you likely give a lot of energy to others without receiving in return. In certain circumstances this is necessary but even those in need benefit when they exchange energy. Without reciprocation the person in need usually perpetuates the negative cycle. In Fresh Energy Fast you will learn to help without getting depleted.

Intuitive People 

...if you tend to feel into the energy of others to read your environment, to know what is going on that isn't spoken, to sense whether you are safe or not. You absorb some of the negative energy to understand it. Sensing energy this way consumes your limited resources and redirects your focus. In Fresh Energy Fast you will learn how to stop absorbing negative energy when you read your environment.

Easy instant access...

  • Step 1 - Click the GET FRESH ENERGY button to buy it
  • Step 2 - Grab your copy of the companion book if you don't already have it HERE
  • Step 3 - Check your email where you'll receive a link to login to the course portal
  • Step 4 - Start by watching the short video introduction and download the program files
  • Need help? email

REFUND POLICY - Due to the digital nature of this product and its instant availability upon purchase, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be in a month without having to make a major change at home or work -- by simply shifting the way you exchange energy...

  • Your co-worker could throw you under the bus and it won't phase you.
  • An ex or friend could try to hook your energy while ghosting you, but it won't work because you have energy boundaries.
  • A family member could try to vampire your energy but you will see it happening and protect yourself.
  • The world news could fill your screen with fear messages but you will say "wow" and not let the negative energy drain you.

Get Fresh Energy Fast for just $35

Think of ALL the energy you will reclaim and have available to create amazing experiences in your life!

Includes: Fresh Energy Fast Journal, Stop Energy Leaks Cheat Sheet, Beautiful Boundaries Guided Audio, 10 Days of Email Accountability

ADD the companion book, Tame Your Energy Sensitivity
for only $4.99 E-book or $8.99 Paperback

What people are saying...


Trusting Natalie implicitly makes this kind of work feel safe and supportive. It's surprisingly very simple and easy to digest, even with the tougher topics." Angela - Denver

"Life changing, amazing energy tools."  Jim - San Francisco


Natalie's courses have given me the tools to protect myself in life and it has made me so much stronger overall and less reactive to the energy of others. I can see other people trying to get at me, but they rarely can anymore."  Carol - Chicago

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