Protect Your Energy Course

Are you intuitive, empath or a healer who finds yourself feeling drained by the energy of those around you? It's time to protect your energy and claim your spiritual seniority.

In this course learn to Heal Energy Leaks
Call on Helpful Spirits
Clear Harmful Attachments

  • Identify specific Energy Leaks that drain you: Whacks, Cords, Hooks, Vampires, Snubs, Leeches, Wounds and Betrayals
  • Get tools to PROTECT your energy, prevent leaks and harmful attachments
  • See how and where Harmful Spirits get attached and learn how to  clear them
  • Call on Helpful Spirits, know who to call on and when

6 Video Lessons
4 Practice Sessions
Bonus Lesson with Practices
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Course Includes

6 Video Lessons

Intro to Spirits and Energy
Helpful Spirits
Harmful Attachments
 Energy Leaks
Protection Tools
Tips for Healers + FAQs

4 Practice Sessions

Guided training on energy tools
Set Your Energy
Meet Your Spirit Helpers
Heal Energy Leaks
Clear Harmful Attachments
Set Protection

What Students are Saying...


"Validated the unseen world of my experience and given me the permission and tools to navigate it."

"The course expanded my awareness and gave me many new tools I'm already putting into practice."


"Trusting Natalie implicitly makes this kind of work feel safe and supportive. It's surprisingly very simple and easy to digest, even with the tougher topics."

"Life changing, amazing energy tools ."


"It has given me the tools to protect myself in life and it has made me so much stronger overall and less reactive to the energy of others. I can see other people trying to get at me, but they rarely can anymore"

Take Your Energy to the Next Level...

This advanced training is designed to help you as an intuitive, empath, energy sensitive or professional healer better understand the blocks and draining energy you encounter. Plus give you the tools to protect your energy.

Participants need to have a foundational background. Examples of the type of experience that would prepare you for this course: training in a healing modality, regular yoga or meditation practice, psychotherapy to address your conscious blocks, other courses offered by me. Please email with questions if you are uncertain.

Lesson Details


  • What Spirits are & why care
  • Harmful vs Helpful Defined
  • How Energy Works
  • Energy Leaks vs Harmful Attachments


  • Types of Helpful Spirits
  • How They Work
  • What They Offer
  • Who to Call on When


  • Types of Harmful Spirits
  • How They Get Attached
  • Where They Get Attached
  • Symptoms When Attached


  • Types of Energy Leaks
  • Where the Energy Goes
  • How to Heal Energy Leaks
  • Reclaim Your Energy


  • Clear Harmful Attachments
  • Protect Yourself
  • Protect Your Home & Work Space
  • Update Your Soul Contracts


  • What Gives You Spiritual Seniority
  • Mental Illness vs Spiritual Illness
  • Soulful Boundaries
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Energy Sensitive, Meditation, Empath Training

I am Natalie Cutsforth, an intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. My empathic sensitivity lead me to seek answers and skills to feel at peace while navigating my life. I love learning. I love growing and I love helping others do it too. I see so many people stressed who could have more peace with a few skills to manage their energy. This is why I teach. My courses are built on over two decades of personal practice and a decade of seeing clients in private sessions. Through this I have recognized patterns in the energy world. In addition, I have received feedback from clients and students on what creates lasting healing and personal transformation. Are you ready to remove energy blocks and grow your spiritual seniority? Join me in this course.

Boundaries, Protection, Aura Bubble

Protect Your Energy Course

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