Create Your Breakthrough

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The global pandemic shut down many plans and dreams. The unknowable and limbo taught us to hesitate. It’s time to emerge from our cocoon and reclaim our power to create. Activate your personal breakthrough using this 3 day workshop to release blocks, get clear and create your new vision.

There were gifts in the forced collective slow down. Maybe your priorities were refined or became clearer. Maybe the areas where your life was not in alignment became intolerable. Maybe you discovered something deep within, a spark that awakened your inner spiritual warrior.

In your soul...

Do you long to breakthrough a sense of internal or external limitation?

Are you ready to explore possibilities that have awakened in your life but are uncertain where to start?

Do you want to be supported in a way that allows you to relax and use your sixth sense for self-loving action?

Do you believe you can influence your experience by working with energy?

Boundaries, Protection, Aura Bubble

Energy sets the vibration of your creations

Timing has a potent influence on how an experience will transform your life

Pick a personally meaningful date or new moon to activate your breakthrough. Use this self-timed workshop to release outdated programming, clear limiting beliefs and remove energy blocks. Over three days you will create a personal ritual, re-connect with your inspiration, and lift your vibration as you support your intentional creations. This workshop will take you out of your head and into your heart -- to activate fullfillment at the soul level.

Is your soul yearning to create something beautiful?
Say YES to its longing

Work with the Universe

In this easy self-timed workshop you will receive practical tools you can use over-and-over again on your own, at any pivotal time in your life.

Join me Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Natalie Cutsforth

for a powerful little workshop

Create Your Breakthrough
a Guided 3 Day Workshop

Whether you want more clarity, to get unstuck, or you have a lifelong dream to activate -- rituals shift energy! In this workshop I will walk you through the steps that align your soul (purpose) with your body (action), mind (choice) and heart (emotion). Sharing practices to tune-in to your sixth-sense and remove blocks to receiving. 

DAY 1 Clarity, Inspiration & Intention 

DAY 2 Activate Your Breakthrough

DAY 3 Self Love & Your Sixth Sense

Are You Ready for Breakthrough?

Say "YES" to Your Sixth Sense
with this
3 Day Workshop ONLY $99

All purchases are final as workshop content is immediately available upon purchase.

What students of my 3 Day Ritual are saying...


Natalie’s workshops are amazing. I personally benefited from her 3 Day Ritual to Manifest with Intention workshop that helped me to gain focused intention to create balance for my life and career. I have already taken the jump of faith to leave my soul crushing corporate job and now I look forward to what I can create bringing balance and joy.

Sheryl W.Banker


I am so glad to have Natalie as a guide. Her online coursework has helped me understand how to better manifest what I want. She cuts through the illusions to help me find hidden deep inner meaning to my experiences... gives me the clarity and tools to continue the work.

Scott V. Chiropractor


Natalie's class was absolutely incredible - I was blown away by the content. Not only was the information extremely valuable, I am impressed with how clearly and coherently it was organized and presented. Natalie is a deeply trusted and grounded source of guidance, illumination, and clarity.

Tracey R. Artist

Talk to Angels, Blessed, Intuitive Healer

I am Natalie Cutsforth, an intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. My courses are built on over two decades of personal practice and a decade of seeing clients in private sessions. Through this I have recognized patterns in the energy world. In addition, I have integrated feedback from clients and students on what creates lasting healing and personal transformation. Join me to activate your breakthrough.

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