3 Steps to Clear Your Mind of Other People’s Energy

October 19, 2020
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There is a huge amount of competition for your attention. Drama sells. Headlines hook energy. Artificial Intelligence is programmed to give you more of what you click. People near and far are trying to control or alter how you see things. All of this makes it hard to get clear for yourself.

Now more than ever, you need to sift through piles of opinions and data to see clearly. That means, you go beyond your analytical mind and use your sixth sense to see the energy behind the data stream.

We all have “pictures” or images of what we believe to be true, filtering our view point. Some of them we created from life experiences and others were given to us by people in our lives.

Your psychic mind – we all have it – gets congested and exhausted from all the pictures of other people’s beliefs and the energy that accompanies them. Don’t let the word psychic scare you, psychic simply means the part of your mind that senses energy that isn’t detected with the five physical senses.

Clearing your head of other people’s pictures is key to navigating all the distortions of truth and opinions in the world. Its essential to do when making big decisions, to ensure your choosing based on your truth, not those competing for your attention.

Three Steps to Clear Your Psychic Space:
  1. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the center of your head, where you have your analytical and intuitive mind. Does it feel: light, heavy, foggy, clear, tense, relaxed?
  2. Is someone on your mind now or is there someone who frequently is in your thoughts? This could be a person you personally know or a public figure. If so, imagine you are a child blowing bubbles. Put each person in a bubble and watch them float back to themselves. Then pop the bubble over their head. This clears them out of your head.
  3. Now imagine a big fan in front of your third eye that is blowing it clean of any debris from reading the news, looking at social media, listening to a friend or loved one’s opinion. Let the fan do the work of clearing your psychic space so that all that is left is your information, your truth, your clarity!
Once you’ve cleared your mind of other people’s pictures you can also ask your spirit guide or higher power to clear out any pictures you have that are outdated or were given to you in the past and are preventing you from seeing clearly.

The more regularly you clear you mind of other people’s energy the easier it becomes to notice when your sixth sense is being blocked or altered by an outside source. After you’ve done the exercise above, go back to step one and notice how your center of head feels? Hopefully lighter!

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