You Want It, but Can You HAVE It?

May 5, 2010

The biggest block to creating the life you want may not be lack of vision or action but your capacity to have it.  Like that old saying “have your cake and eat it too,” if you can’t eat the cake that you spent your time and money baking, you’ve participated in an energy depleting activity. 

When you request something from the universe through visualization, prayer or simple intention and it never shows up, or it does and just as quickly goes away; it may make you doubt your capacity to create or the support of your higher power.  Most likely something is blocking your ability to receive.  Receiving is harder than it sounds.  To receive you must acknowledge your worthiness for whatever has arrived.  And override past experiences that programmed your mind with thoughts like, “That’s impossible. I can’t have that.  It won’t last.”

While considering a goal for your life, use your inner-guidance, your sixth chakra or center of head space, to visualize what you want to manifest.  In your daydreams or journal you can play with design, forming a ‘mock-up’ of the desire.   Focus on the energy you would like to create, such as joy ease or playfulness, more than the form it will take.  From your intuitive mind, look for any conflict between your desire and its possession.  Notice areas of your life where you resist having what you want or where your vision is not grounded in reality.  The power of bringing these conflicts to your awareness will begin the process of moving the block out of your space.  Now visualize a bubble outside of your aura, like a magnet drawing the conflict energy away from your desire.  Once you see all of the energy has moved into the bubble, send it somewhere far away with your minds-eye and pop it.  This will create more space for you to have your cake and eat it too.

Here are some examples of thoughts that may get in the way of having what you want:

  • Attachment to past creations that are out-dated, “Wow, my dream house is for sale and I can afford it but I’ve invested so much time and energy in the house I’m in.”
  • Change, “I wanted this but now that I have it, I feel uncomfortable.”
  • Control, “She has to agree with me or we might as well not have a relationship.”
  • Old identity, “I was poor growing up.  It’s always been hard to make ends meet.”
  • Lack of permission, “Having time to play my guitar is selfish.  I should be helping the kids with homework.”
  • Unworthy, “I really don’t deserve to be happier than my parents, friends or lover.”

If you find yourself stuck in a pattern that is preventing you from having what you want in relationship, work, prosperity or any other area of your life, seek outside help from a trustworthy source such as a spiritual mentor, therapist or clairvoyant reader.  We all have unconscious beliefs and programs at work in our space that are so powerful it is hard to see them, let alone move the energy ourselves.  Finally, commit to replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts through regular affirmations.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    Creating a vision for my life is very challenging when there are so many other people to consider, including my spouse. I’ve had dreams, but put them on the back burner. I see that I need to set boundaries on expending my time and energy in ways that deplete me, and create personal goals that energize me and free up my mind to reach for a fulfilling future.

  • roger paul says:

    “if you can’t eat the cake that you spent your time and money baking, you’ve participated in an energy depleting activity.”

    That is of course one perspective. But life has as many perspectives as there are people. Some times just the joy of creating the “cake” is enough. It is after all like any created thing, just that, a thing. The greatest joy might come in giving it away. Time, energy and money are all relative. Whether you feel depleted in any activity is strictly a choice of attitude. Even in the “negative” there is still wonder and lessons to be learned. But then that is just my perspective.

    Keep writing
    love ya

    • Natalie says:

      I hear you Rog, to me the cake is an analogy. If my intention is to create as an act of sharing love, or to create for the process of creation but I do not allow myself to RECIEVE the love or the healing from the process of creating then I can’t eat my cake. Really its shining a light on how we block ourselves from receiving the good in life. Hopefully it makes us ask, why? love, Nat

  • Gavin Reeder says:

    Really interesting article. Honest!

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