Tune-In to Your Soul’s Voice

May 26, 2010

The inner conflict that presents itself when we sense things are different than they appear triggers our desire to know what is true and what is false. As a survival tool, intuition is a way to measure our safety in any given situation. It is a language without words that only we understand because it is the language of our soul speaking to us. Our soul has many ways to communicate with us that we may not recognize. The awareness it provides goes beyond the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Our intuitive truth accesses these bits of valuable information, processes them with all available conscious and subconscious reference points, then sends us a text message with a special ringtone. When we hear our soul’s message arrive, let’s hope it makes our heart as happy as the ringtone assigned to a new lover. It offers an endless fountain of energy directing our life.

If this is true, why don’t we automatically give our inner guidance the benefit of the doubt? There are many factors in our experience as a-soul-in-a-body that have formed us. We weigh the intuitive truth beside a long list of analytical data and social norms. There isn’t a person I know who hasn’t had a few experiences where they shared something they knew intuitively and were scorned, told they were wrong or ignored as if their information had no value. These types of situations, when repeated frequently enough or in a highly-charged situation, teach us to doubt our soul’s voice. If we can’t trust ourselves who can we trust? I can reference many past Self betrayals, times when I knew something but acted differently because I was either afraid of the perceptions of others, willing to pay the consequences for a short term pleasure or not willing to take the risk required.

It is courageous to follow our truth, particularly if it risks causing discomfort in others. The alternative option, compromising our intuition in a relationship or situation, is a painful Self betrayal. When we suppress our authentic Self to please others or protect our pride, we build up a backlog of toxic energy in our bodies. This isn’t to say we must always speak out when we see something, but when it affects us personally we need to act in alignment to maintain integrity with our Self. This is critical if we want our body and soul to stay healthy. Suppression of our authentic Self creates a sense of disconnect from what brings us true happiness. When we are in a state avoidance we tune-out to numb the pain of our inner conflict and the more often we tune-out the more backlog gets built up. Disconnected from our intuitive truth, we experience depression, anger or disappointment. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to honor our soul’s voice through actions that are in alignment. To do so, we must first learn to recognize when it is speaking to us. That voice will sound different to each individual. The more frequently we tune-in to it, the easier it is to recognize and understand.

The intention of our soul’s voice is to create joy for our body through choices that align with our truth. I challenge you to do more than listen to your most trusted advisor today, let it guide you.

  • roger paul says:

    S.M. Stirling wrote in his book The Sword of the Lady; “And sure, you can strike home in a man’s soul – or a woman’s – more easily by telling them stories that speak to their heart than by making arguments to convince their minds. Listening to stories comes naturally to us………For what is living, day by day, but living out the story you’re in?”

    Keep writing your story….I am listening!

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