Trust Your Intuition

February 5, 2010
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I’m here to tell you, you know it.  “It” is your inner/intuitive truth.  We all have intuitive capacity.  The ability to access and see for ourselves what is in our highest good. Trusting your inner knowing has the potential to drive your life in a direction that creates greater fulfillment.

So why don’t we act on it all the time?  We are a collection of experiences and stories that we’ve used to make sense of our life.  We even carry around other people’s stories.  Events that have helped our care takers, friends and communities make sense of their experiences.   These reference points provide a sense of control in the world constantly moving around us.  We unconsciously acquired these stories and continue to view every day through the lens of these beliefs and automatic behavioral patterns.  We give away our power subtly by disregarding our inner truth to make decisions that are easier to justify, comfortable and often more socially acceptable. 

You might notice that an intuitive truth isn’t easy to describe in analytical terms.  You know what you know but how can you explain it?  The fear of being asked to justify your inner knowing is a big obstacle to choosing to act on it.  We spend years avoiding what we know to be true, tolerating unacceptable environments and relationships, letting doubt derail our it.  Choosing to commit to your it means giving your it permission to guide you, to have a voice, even if that voice is only in your imagination.   The more you listen, the easier it becomes.

Awakening it will help you access your capacity for a vibrant life, one where you feel a sense of optimism, curiosity and hope.  Setting the intention of having your inner guidance system may stir up many old stories that you had forgotten about.  You will be ready to act and put the brakes on as a fear based story of some tragedy tries to undermine your choice.  These stories are just that, an event that happened to one person in one set of circumstances at one time in history.  The stories were attached to a broad spectrum of possible similar experiences.  They need not be the truth now.

I’m excited that you have found my blog.  The intent here is to provide content that will facilitate access to your intuitive truth.  Encourage you to listen and respond to it.  I believe you are intuitive and capable of having insights that will lead to greater happiness, self-awareness and balance. 

Namaste (the light in me honors the light in you).

  • tminore says:

    Great blog, Natalie! You write well.

    Tim Minore

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