The Space In Between

March 27, 2010

The space in between contains some of the most powerful creation energy available to us.  It is also pretty uncomfortable to relax into, letting the emptiness resonate with our creative selves.  We naturally want to fill the space up with entertainment, getting stuff done or other comforting activities.  Peace with the unknown can be a frightening concept.  Can you welcome it?  Soak in it as if it is the lounge chair on your sunny beach vacation?  When you do, the pause opens you up to hear your inner voice.  Suddenly you discover a new interest, a desire, an unanswered question that has been lingering in the back of your subconscious draining your energy.  In the silence you connect with something deeper that gives your life meaning.

Fresh out of college I was traveling in Kenya with my dad when he taught me a trick to creating connection with the space in between.  We were staying at a dairy farm that rented a few rooms and served food.   When I sat down beside him for breakfast he said, “Let’s leave a chair between us.  It will give us a chance to meet new people.  Because we’re traveling together it limits our opportunities to get to know other people.  We’re harder to approach.”  It worked.  Immediately a couple walked in.  They sat down in the only two free chairs and we got to know them. 

In the next few days we had several adventures together, a jaunt to ruins at a nearby town, collecting cowry shells on the beach and an expedition into caves that housed slaves a hundred years before.   A farm hand showed us places only a local kid would know.  In the caves we spooked swarms of bats that darted overhead, saw six-foot long monitor lizards, crunched beetles underfoot and found symbols of voodoo.  Our new companions added dimension to the adventure and our combined curiosity opened the door to more experiences.

Following the mystery is like that, if you plan every moment and stay rigidly attached to your program there’s less room for the spontaneous to work its magic, less permission to listen to your intuition and change course.  The space in between is where pleasure happens.  It adds richness to even the mundane act of eating breakfast.  Sun filters through to illuminate our lives in those cracks of time that are undefined.  Downtime, rest, doing nothing, this is where inspiration is born.  It is where we can discover ourselves and what contributes to our happiness.

  • Alan Ingraham says:

    Hi Natalie. You missed a good RS on Thur…100 people.

    Do you do work with the barriers, or occupants, that inhibit our access to intuitive truth?

    I like your inspiring home page. (just tell me you’re not still into the experience of crunching beatles) : )

    Peace —– Alan

  • Natalie says:

    Alan, Thanks for the feedback. In my clairvoyant practice I work with clearing out that which is not serving your highest good such as foriegn energy (Beings that aren’t you), updating outmoded agreements with people in your life, removing pictures and programs (beliefs of the way things are imprinted in your subconscious). The healing removes blocks to what you desire to create in your life.
    In Africa, the floor of the caves were entirely bat dung covered with millions of beatles/cockroaches swarming on the surface. When I shined a flashlight down at my feet all I saw was a mass of black beatles crawling over my boots. Crazy! Felt like Indiana Jones 😉 Namaste, Natalie

  • Sandy Paul says:

    Natalie…I relate to what you are saying about creating quiet space and remaining flexible. I often find myself doing something unexpected or following an inspiration in music or writing or forgetting my agenda and getting down on the floor to play with a grandchild. I’m so glad you have those wonderful memories of times with your dad. What a great growing and learning experience.

    Auntie Sandy

  • Natalie says:

    Your comment remindes me of the book The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz something I’ve kept as a note on my desk at every job for a decade… when I need a reminder to “be impecable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best” they are simple but deeply challenging to apply.

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