The River of Life – Getting Unstuck

August 27, 2010

The river of life is full of furious currents, meandering streams and quiet eddies.  Some of us are better at staying busy in the torrent, others prefer relaxing into the flow of everyday life, but we all struggle with moments of feeling stuck.  An eddy is a spot on the side of the river where the water gets caught in a loop, holding onto leaves and other debris.  A period in our life when we feel blocked from forward movement; it seems we keep having the same experience, one that is not fulfilling.  We may feel like some life circumstance is forcing us to wait and we have to endure, or that we’ve tried everything and we don’t know how to create a different experience.  This can trigger coping mechanisms, activities that help us check-out to escape from the awareness of our unhappiness.  We may watch too much TV, drink or generate some drama to distract us from the reality of what is occurring under the surface in our lives. 

We have the power within to break free from stuck patterns and return to the flow of the river.  While our outside circumstances may not change, we always have an option of shifting our response to them.  A few moments of gentle focus on the area in our life where we feel stuck can begin to create a current that pulls us back out into the stream.  This flow can be generated through a simple meditative exercise. 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Imagine yourself with a solid connection between the base of your spine and the center of the earth.  Visualize the bubble of energy, three-feet-in-each-direction around your body, your aura, containing only your energy.  Let any energy that is not you release down the cord connecting you to the center of the earth.  From this point of owning your space, consider the area where you feel stuck and ask your intuitive guidance for insight into a next step.  It likely will be something small and seemingly in consequential.  Like the butterfly effect metaphor, change as gentle as the flap of butterfly wings can create a hurricane on the other side of the world. 

Intentional action is the key to creating larger transformation in our lives.  Facing our subconscious blocks and resistance is a very tricky topic. We are responsible for creating happiness in our own lives but that doesn’t mean we’ve had examples of how to do it.  We seek to form stronger access to our intuition to improve our awareness of what creates joy and a sense of flow in the river of our life.  The challenge we face in learning to commune with our inner truth is recognition of the times we have betrayed ourselves, staying stuck in the eddy by tuning out.  Tuning-in to our soul’s guidance invites new energy and positive flow.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    When I find myself emotionally stuck in a hard dry place, I turn on music, or make my own with my guitar. It’s amazing how quickly that can lift me out of the doldrums and the eddies of life.

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