Energy Gremlins – They’re BACK!

September 30, 2021
Energy Sensitive, Ups and Downs, Self Healing

The times have dredged up old gremlins. The gremlin’s I thought I’d healed and made peace with years ago. THEY’RE BACK! Revisiting in the gremlins that stressed my younger self -- I see them differently.

In my teens and twenties, I had lots of ups and downs. Call it depression or melancholy. The waves were high and the troughs were deep. When I felt the lows, I went inward. Kept it to myself, until it passed. Comforted my self with fantasies, food and solo physical activities, masturbation, biking, hiking and snowboarding.

Eventually I learned that a big part of the ups and downs was related to empathically soaking up the energy of the people around me. It would change me temporarily and take awhile to get back to myself.

Unaware of what was happening energetically, at times I would take on a harmful entity (someone else’s gremlin) from a person who needed a healing.

Over time, as I learned about energy and my gift of psychic seeing and healing, I started managing my energy with regular visualization practices. I learned how to recognize and clear gremlins. I also released a lot of built up energy in therapy sessions, ecstatic dance and body work.

I found peace that I could have never imagined in my younger self. Simply by having good energy boundaries, by recognizing when what I felt that was me, or was not me. The ups and downs went away.

This year facing a major health crisis my gremlin of depression returned.

But it was different. The dips would come and go in hours rather than days or weeks. Then return a couple days later. While in physical pain I didn’t have as good of energy boundaries. I was harder to feel positive. I had to be more vigilant with my practices. In truth, I’d been able to get lazy about them. Not anymore.

The lows feel like a lack of inspiration, hope, or passion for anything. My body’s limits had me feeling instantly old, as if decades passed in the blink of an eye. My brain was comforted, ironically, in knowing it had to do with my health combined with what was happening on the planet.

The hard part was that this time there were no natural ups. Just returning to even keel, putting the car in neutral. There was peace in the neutral space but not the inspiration I longed for.

I’m a glass half-full person. There has always been an up.

Knowing this made me look for what was blocking me. What belief had I bought into, that was in the way of me having hope, inspiration, possibilities? I noticed I’d been hooked by the world shouting with a bullhorn that I don't have a choice, that I need to fear what’s out there. Normally I reject fear mongers but they’d got under my skin.

How could I reclaim my power, lift my vibration without burying my head in the sand?

To refill my cup, to reclaim my truth, I returned to what saved me in the past. I practiced energy tools that moved those false beliefs out of my energy field. If you need some of this right now, here’s the replay of an Energy Healing for Apocalyptic Times free guided visualization I led a few weeks ago.

Self-healing is where I always start. We need others, but we have to find the power within, to kick out the gremlins, minute-by-minute, day-by-day.

Sharing energy healing with others also lifts me up. Moving energy happens every time I see a client. My work is like sitting mediation for a few hours a day. I’m extremely grateful for it. It helps me get out of neutral and back into optimism.

I lead a self-healing group to keep the energy fresh and present, using tools that clear out gremlins and lift our vibration. If you need some regular support with energy, check it out HERE. New members are welcome to join till October 4th.

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