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Energy Healing with Empath Strength Training

Navigating your life can be tricky when you absorb or take-on the energy around you to “read” it. This training and practice group is for energy aware people who want the peace that comes with healthy boundaries, the clarity of understanding what you sense psychically and a regular practice of self-healing energy tools.

What you learn in this group will help you get better sleep, stay grounded in a conflict, protect yourself from energy draining people and get relief from taking on the energy around you. As an energy sensitive your sixth-sensory receptors are more OPEN than the average person. Healthy energy boundaries let you keep your sixth-sense OPEN without your energy getting depleted. This course will help you:

  • Stay centered when the energy is wacky around you
  • Feel protected when encountering negative energy
  • Understand what you “see” that is beyond your 5 senses
  • Increase your clarity and intutitive seniority
  • Receive energy healing that lifts your vibration

Twice a year the group accepts new members.

Membership Includes:

  • LIVE online practice 2x a month, recorded and available 24/7
  • 3 YEAR Library of Past classes covering topics such as release energy blocks, meet your spirit guides, protection from energy vampires and heal your sleep space
  • Focus on 5 Types of skills to hone your sixth-sense: Boundaries, Psychic Sight, Disernment, Clearing and Healing, Energetic Seniority
  • $25 OFF private sessions with me
  • PLUS best discount on all my classes

“When you invited me to be in this class, I really didn’t think I would ever have the bandwidth to do it, but I can see now how it has saved my life. In fact, it’s basically medically important for me that I do your class. It’s really the only thing getting me through this time.”
– Kendal

“For the first time in my life, I feels like I am finally beginning to understand myself in a way I have been yearning for so long to understand. It is as if I am entering into Hogwarts. I’m so excited to continue practicing.”
– Antonia

Course Membership Details:

  • Meet LIVE 2x a month in ZOOM video conference to learn and exercise energy tools that will strengthen your soul connection and intuition.
  • Each session is recorded for you to view or listen to at your leisure on the course portal.
  • Two Tuesday’s a month at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern Time — with adjustments for holidays – always twice a month.
  • Learn tools with practical application each class — it’s not all talk — it is action! Class is focused on putting the skills to use. Sixth sensorory skills are 10% knowledge and 90% practice. I’ll lead you in guided visualizations to release blocks, set protection and gain clairity with your psychic insights.
  • Most people with psychic ability, are not taught the skills to protect their energy or understand what they sense and why. If this is you, know that these skills and practice will transform your life.

Example Class Format:

  • Set Your Energy with Guided Visualization
  • LESSON: How to Deal with Control Energy
  • TOOL: Blow a Rose
  • Fill-up with Positive Energy: Freedom

Enrollment of new members is closed until May 2022. In the meantime, keep expanding your awareness with my book and other courses HERE.

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