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Reclaim Your Energy with Empath Strength Training

This course is for you if you are sensitive to energy or an empath who wants skills to experience it as empowering rather than depleting. Navigating your life can be tricky when you deeply feel and absorb the energy around you. Learn and practice skills that will allow you to set boundaries to gracefully navigate your empathic sensitivity. These Energy tools will help you get better sleep, stay grounded in a conflict, protect yourself from energy draining people and get relief from taking on the energy around you. There is no pill you can take to alter this aspect of your nature in a way that brings peace. Gaining knowledge helps but the true solution is consistent focused practice, until having the energy boundaries becomes second nature. This course will help you:

  • Stay centered when the energy is wacky around you
  • Feel protected when encountering negative energy
  • Understand the energy you experience that is beyond your 5 senses
  • Increase your clarity and intutitive seniority

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Course Membership Includes:

  • Meeting LIVE on video 2x a month, recorded and available 24/7
  • Training on energy tools that you can apply throughout your life
  • Support resources, such as audio downloads, writing exercises, intuitive “reading” tools and affirmations
  • Group discussions with live Q&A
  • PLUS $20 OFF private sessions with me for members only

“I want you to be your Powerful Self! Practice is powerful. It amplifies what is possible. It holds us accountable.”

Course Membership Details:

  • Meet LIVE 2x a month in a video conference to learn and exercise energy tools that will strengthen your soul connection and intuition.
  • Each session will be recorded for you to view or listen to at your leisure through the course portal.
  • Two Tuesday’s a month at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern Time — with some adjustments for holidays– but always twice a month. The calendar is posted quarterly in advance on your membership portal.
  • Learn tools with practical application each meeting — but it’s not all talk — it is action! Class is focused on putting the skills to use. Getting good at these skills is 10% knowledge and 90% practice. I will lead you though use of active meditation to release blocks, set energy protection and gain clairity with your inner-guidance.
  • The intensity of energy in the World is hard on sensitive people or empaths. You have strong intuition, yet you probably weren’t taught the skills to protect your energy or understand what you were experiencing. With practice you can gain peace with our sensitivity.

Example Class Format:

  • Boundary Setting Meditation
  • Lesson: How to Deal with Control Energy
  • Tool: Blow a Rose
  • Fill-up with Positive Energy: Freedom

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Join now for $35 a month

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