What Will Tomorrow Bring?

April 14, 2010

A desire to know the future is deeply ingrained in human nature. Seeing the future would eliminate doubt and simplify decision making. If I do this it will be a great day, a happy relationship, a rewarding job. If I don’t do that it will cause me a lot of trouble down the road. The Magic 8 Ball is a fun cultural example of this type of validation seeking. Wouldn’t it be great if someone or something would tell us that we are on the right path; that we are not going to have our heart broken or buy the lemon of a car? The truth is we are capable of doing this for ourselves. Our intuition is available to us to consult in every situation. Thanks to free will we have the choice to follow it or ignore it. This is personal empowerment versus being a victim.

There are often factors that divert us from heeding the advice of our intuition. We worry about what others think and feel. We desire approval from our loved ones and tend to do for others before taking care of ourselves. Acting on our intuition can cause us to feel awkward if our actions are challenged by someone who doesn’t think it’s a wise choice or the choice isn’t what they want us to do. We may not act on our intuition because we feel that we can see the future by choosing a familiar path with a reliable outcome. We have more control. Although the predictable path is not taking us to a place we want to be, it’s less risky.

The next time you are presented with a decision in your life and desire a different outcome than you have experienced in the past, pause to check in with your intuitive truth. A great way to do this is to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try one of these exercises:

  1. See yourself taking the path. How does your body feel? Relief, tension. If you feel tension is it rooted in fear of the unknown or a sense that this is not the correct path for you? Then visualize yourself taking the alternate path. How does your body feel? At peace, uneasy? Listen.
  2. Visualize a rose to the right of you and one to the left. Ask your intuition, “What is my yes?” and see which rose comes closer to you. Then ask, “What is my no?” Notice which rose moves. Now ask a question regarding your decision and see the rose as a symbol of your inner yes/no.

The more often you directly seek your intuition the stronger it becomes and easier to access. Not knowing what will happen in the future is a part of the wondrous surprise of life. Many paths we take which result in great opportunity come with challenges along the way. If we had seen the hard parts in advance, would we have taken the risk or avoided it altogether?

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