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Uncertainty Triggers Our Inner Child

March 18, 2020
Worry, Triggered, Sensitive

You feel something you can’t explain. You aren’t sure what you are sensing. You don’t act on it because it’s not clear. Your failure to take action leads to a negative experience. For most energy sensitive’s not being certain about what you are sensing, then being harmed, creates the original wound.

Hesitance leads to prolonged exposure to the energy that drains you or may put you in harm’s way.

Even if you have many tools to set boundaries and have developed trust in what you see, there are times when the energy is unclear. It’s hard to see clearly when you are triggered by unfamiliar energy. These blind spots feel like failure to many empaths, reopening the wound or trauma created from not seeing clearly when we needed to in the past.

The first course of action for many energy sensitives in the face of the original wound is to go out of your body, so you feel less. Meaning your spirit wants to hover above your body rather than be in the soup of the intensity you feel. When you are out of your body, you go through the motions, but your spirit doesn’t have seniority over your vessel. This creates another problem, an opening for more energy that is not you to get in your space. So, while it feels safer, it is actually less safe energetically to not have seniority over your body.

Tip: If you feel your spirit is out of your body, focus your inner gaze at your crown / top of head, and ask your spirit to come into your body. (Learn More in my book Tame Your Energy Sensitivity)

This original wound is tricky because it takes you back to your child Self. The part of you that wasn’t as skilled or powerful and didn’t understand there was such a thing as sensing energy. Your empathically sensitive child Self felt vulnerable encountering adults or friends without boundaries.

Your body responded giving you signals as if it was your own fear, pain, anxiety, stress, distrust. The energy you were reading distorted your understanding of yourself. When you experienced other people’s needs, wants and desires in your body, it was harder to get clear.

Another experience that causes energy sensitives to hesitate is a history of getting whacked for saying something you sense that another person doesn’t acknowledge or doesn’t want you to know. Speaking your truth as a empath has an entirely different consequence when you see stuff others don’t. Sometimes others send negative energy that reinforces the rule that its not safe to see what you see.

The more you learn to be in your body and clear others out of your psychic space the less you get triggered. Still there are always new energies you’ll encounter. For example, there is currently a landslide of fear of the unknown in the media on the topics of health and politics. These collective energies are felt more deeply by empaths and can trigger confusion because the energy is not from a specific source.

If you are feeling triggered, your body is buzzy, irritable or unfocused. Ask your inner-guidance if it is disruption from a person you’ve encountered, something else with negative energy is in your space or you are feeling the collective energy field? If you’re not clear, clean out the collective fear. Visualize moving the fear out of our aura into a bubble. See the bubble float to a faraway place and pop it.

Feeling so much energy can be traumatic. Particularly as a child when you don’t understand what it is. You get clarity and neutralize triggers with active meditation, using visualization to clean out and strengthen your energy boundaries.

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