The Mystery of a Breakthrough

April 30, 2020
Trust Your Intuition, Breakthrough, Clarity

There is a tenderness and elation in breakthrough. The moment when your spirit finally has a shift that it has been consciously or unconsciously seeking for days, weeks or years. I’m writing you this morning from that place.

It’s a mysterious place. In the outer world nothing changed. I went to sleep. In the dark early morning hours, I danced in the half-wake, half-sleep state, and got a new perspective on the past few years of my life.

Suddenly I could see it as it has been over that period of time. I saw the pattern at work, and surrendered some part of myself that I had been holding back from this new life. The one I started when I moved from Colorado back to Oregon. A piece of me had been trying to figure it out, or waiting for something to show me the “why,” of certain choices I had made while trusting my intuition.

It can be hard to follow your intuition when you don’t know why. It takes many steps and leaps of faith in your inner knowing. It takes days, weeks, years of not knowing the “why.”

We are all in that question right now. There is so much we can’t and won’t know for days, weeks, years, maybe ever. Our power is in trusting our intuition as we navigate the unknown.

There is a secret to trusting intuition. The secret is to recognize when you are projecting what you want on the situation rather than truly listening to your guidance.

It’s so natural and easy to see things the way we want to see them. The way we’ve been conditioned to see them. Rather than to ask and listen to what is in the highest good for our soul path.

In my quiet morning hours, those moments where my analytical mind stepped aside and allowed my spirit to see the bigger picture, I was reminded again the importance of trusting my intuition. Even when I don’t know why. Especially when I don’t know why.

Breakthrough integrates the pieces. It makes sense of stuff that words don’t suffice to describe. It frees us to be more alive. It softens the rigid parts. It gifts us with a freshness, even in dark times.

I invite you to deeply listen to your inner-guidance. To sift out the wheat from the chaff.

What is your soul saying to you, your nugget of grain, your truth? What is the old shell that served to get you to this point (the chaff) but is no longer needed? Limitations of what is possible, what is allowed, outdated conditioning from family or society?

I invite you to not need to know the “why” but trust yourself.

That trust invites a breakthrough. The breakthrough will come in divine time. Just when you least expect it. Maybe after you’ve given up. Maybe when you don’t even know you need it. But it will come, and you will soften into the freshness it brings.

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