Personal Transformation

June 16, 2010

Rarely do we wake up and ask ourselves, “Will I ignore the messages from my soul or listen to them today?”  Instead we dive headlong into the moment: shower, coffee, breakfast, dog, kids, commute, work, exercise, dinner, lover, social activity, household to-do list, TV.  We say YES or NO to whatever requests cross our path.  In the midst of it there is our inner observer always on-call to assist us in making choices that define our life.  It is one of the greatest challenges we are presented with in the human experience to stay aware of our inner guidance, to recognize our truth in any given situation, to say YES to our YES and NO to our NO.

Change is constant and unstoppable.  When we resist change or stay stuck in a behavior that we have outgrown, we build up a backlog of denied requests from our inner guidance.  As time passes the dam begins to fill with this avoidance, resistance and control.  We are blinded by busyness and the path of least resistance often is the familiar more comfortable one.  Saying yes to a little piece of inner guidance feels like a crack in the dam that could burst and flood our entire life with change.  Beneath the fear is a desire for personal transformation, the kind that brings greater joy and peace.  We want to feel free to be our authentic self.  We want to choose our life rather than simply run from one demand to the next.

Taking a step in the direction of our intuitive truth may require facing a backlog of self denial.  When we don’t choose to get un-stuck of our own free will, often life helps us along though introduction of unavoidable changes in those around us, our job, our health or some other wake up call.  The more frequently we acknowledge and act on our inner truth the gentler the process of personal transformation and change becomes.  Today say YES to your intuition; establish a co-creative relationship with it, a dialog that expands your awareness of the subtle ways your spirit communicates with you.  Intuition is your tour guide to life.  It is within you, free and always accessible if you listen.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    You’re right…it’s easy to be so blinded by busyness that we ignore that quiet voice telling us to take a walk with the dog….take a nap…pause for 3 seconds before we answer…stop and listen to what a child is really saying to us….go on a retreat….journal or stop and capture that beautiful sunset before it fades.
    Thanks for reminding me to listen. I think I’ll go take a nap.
    Love you,

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