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Write to Access Your Intuition

Natalie —  September 21, 2011 — 2 Comments

An easy way to access our intuition is through writing.  Approaching our journal with intention can take us beyond recounting activities of the day and the cathartic process of purging experiences, to a point of clarity that only comes when the self is aligned with the Self.

This type of written practice is an internal conversation.  The energy it activates inside is why so many people desire to be writers.  Not only do we want our voice to be heard and find the written word a fulfilling way to share it, we connect with our essence through writing. It makes us feel good.

The inner dialog that occurs as words flow from our center-of-head (sixth chakra) through our hands (creative channels) into words, calls the mind-body-spirit into alignment. We go within and track our thoughts as they pour out.  In order to dive this deep in writing we have to commit to push past our critical voices. The aspects that want to stop us from putting into concrete form thoughts that we are programed to see as inappropriate, selfish or crazy.  It’s only in pushing through these walls of resistance by moving quickly as we write that we reach our inner-guide.

Our intuition is not some separate “thing” that resides outside of us.  It is as solid and reliable as our senses of smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing.  We just have lost our understanding of how to access the sixth-sense.  The practice of writing to access your intuition can be cultivated with a simple framework:

  • Set aside 20 minutes, less time will decrease your odds of getting past the resistance and purging of life experiences.
  • Take a deep breath and set your intention before you start
  • Commit to moving your pen on paper or fingers on the keyboard non-stop, even if your thoughts pause.  Just repeat the last word you wrote until you
    breakthrough the block.
  • Allow freedom to download trite information, and then dive into your question, directing the conversation with your Self.
  • Notice if other people’s energy shows up in your thoughts as you write.  They could be interfering with your ability to see clearly. People who are concerned about how your changes will affect them can be very psychically nosy.  Visualize their energy moving into a bubble outside of your space and send that bubble of their energy back to them.

We don’t have to know why or how we “know” information that comes to us intuitively but to disregard the guidance is to set ourselves up for more pain.  Through journaling we can cultivate this sixth-sense in a concrete way. It helps us tune into our truth, filter out the external influences on our energetic space and find clarity.

Positive Diversion

Natalie —  November 24, 2010 — Leave a comment

Our manifestations come from a state of feeling.  Ideally that emotional state is positive, pleasurable even blissful, fueling the future with love rather than fear.  This week I divert from my usual reflections to take you someplace juicy in your thoughts with the hope that it will feed a positive state of creation…

My Love Letter to the Deep Woods

Beloved your sweetness swallows me whole, fills my lungs and blood with tangy oxygen.  The sun draws last night’s mist from your soil, wrapping its arms around me.  I run freely within your wild undergrowth, my feet know your solid springy touch.  I see you and it delights me.  Monstrous fern and elderberry congregate beneath fir trees that reach up to touch the sky.  Fox gloves drip lavender spotted flowers, rising from your curved mountainside.   You receive me without judgment, whisper with honey breath through the delicate breeze of pale green moss dangling from your branches.  You’ve forgotten what season it is for a day and given me the gift of summer clarity, warmth and radiance in the midst of autumn’s slow death.  I rest my face against your meadows, trimmed low by deer grazing.  You hold me firmly as I sink into you, the perfect mattress of chocolate loam.  Your frog and meadowlark sing to me. The red dragonfly hovers.  I’m in love with you.  I’m not afraid to commit to you, my heart is open.  I trust you.  I feel your healing touch hold my hand.  You lead me to peace, a waterfall rushing from its source springs forth from deep within your core. We unite in naked appreciation for one another.

Personal Transformation

Natalie —  June 16, 2010 — Leave a comment

Rarely do we wake up and ask ourselves, “Will I ignore the messages from my soul or listen to them today?”  Instead we dive headlong into the moment: shower, coffee, breakfast, dog, kids, commute, work, exercise, dinner, lover, social activity, household to-do list, TV.  We say YES or NO to whatever requests cross our path.  In the midst of it there is our inner observer always on-call to assist us in making choices that define our life.  It is one of the greatest challenges we are presented with in the human experience to stay aware of our inner guidance, to recognize our truth in any given situation, to say YES to our YES and NO to our NO.

Change is constant and unstoppable.  When we resist change or stay stuck in a behavior that we have outgrown, we build up a backlog of denied requests from our inner guidance.  As time passes the dam begins to fill with this avoidance, resistance and control.  We are blinded by busyness and the path of least resistance often is the familiar more comfortable one.  Saying yes to a little piece of inner guidance feels like a crack in the dam that could burst and flood our entire life with change.  Beneath the fear is a desire for personal transformation, the kind that brings greater joy and peace.  We want to feel free to be our authentic self.  We want to choose our life rather than simply run from one demand to the next.

Taking a step in the direction of our intuitive truth may require facing a backlog of self denial.  When we don’t choose to get un-stuck of our own free will, often life helps us along though introduction of unavoidable changes in those around us, our job, our health or some other wake up call.  The more frequently we acknowledge and act on our inner truth the gentler the process of personal transformation and change becomes.  Today say YES to your intuition; establish a co-creative relationship with it, a dialog that expands your awareness of the subtle ways your spirit communicates with you.  Intuition is your tour guide to life.  It is within you, free and always accessible if you listen.