How to Change a Soul Agreement

April 22, 2015

While direct communication is important in relationships, it is not always an option as it relates to the intricacies of soul agreements. If you have a soul agreement that doesn’t feel peaceful, causes you pain or distraction, it is likely time to revisit the terms of the agreement to find your peace.  You can do this with meditative visualization and communication with your spirit guides. There are also times when a soul agreement is so deep-seated that you will need outside help.

Before you start the visualization take a few moments to write down single words or short phrases as it relates to the soul agreement you are preparing to update:

  1. What parts of the agreement would you like to change or discontinue experiencing?
  2. What energies you would like to experience in the relationship if it is to continue?

Now with the above intentions in mind, begin this simple meditation to update or end a soul agreement. If you find it easier for to listen and be guided through a meditation, you can download free a recording of this soul agreement update meditation at this link:

  • Begin in a simple silent meditation state (see my post a Meditative Path to Clarity)
  • Visualize a rose floating in front of you that symbolizes a relationship you are ready to change.
  • See a second rose beside it, like a magic wand; this second rose is there to remove any energy you are ready to release from that soul agreement.
  • Watch as details of your past or current soul agreement move out of the relationship rose into the wand-like rose. See any expectations, demands, control, punishment, anger, disappointment, fear, guilt, and shame move out of the soul agreement rose. Get specific with details of your relationship!
  • Once the relationship rose is free of these unwanted aspects, visualize the wand like rose with all of the energy you no longer desire gathered up in it, flying away to a faraway place. On that mountain top or over the ocean, see it dissolve with the intention that it causes no harm.
  • Now imaging a golden ball of light hovering above the soul agreement rose. Fill that ball of light with all of the positive intentions, new agreements and emotional energies you would like to experience in this relationship, such as: ease, grace, pleasure, fulfillment, joy, inspiration, flow, playfulness, support.
  • When the golden ball of light is FULL of good vibrations drop it into your soul agreement rose and see them become one.
  • Then ask your Akashic record keeper to update your soul records as well as to communicate this update to the soul records of the person with whom you are updating your soul agreement.

Please comment on this blog post with your experiences, questions and what you would like to learn next about your soul agreements!

  • Sheryl Garinger says:

    Hello… Thank you for the reading. I downloaded the reading. I tried to download the free guided meditation from the send space Mobile app. I was unsuccessful so I joined the monthly cite. I also tried to download my reading to this cite so I would not loose it after 30 days. For a non Tec person this is very confusing. I’m waiting to hear back from send space.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Sheryl, your welcome. I pay for my account so you won’t have to deal with advertising on the download. There are a few ways I can set up the download when I put the file into send space. The one I always choose allows you to click on the download button below my logo and “save” to your computer. Instead of automatically downloading because with the auto download you don’t get to tell it “where” you want the recording saved. From a phone it just opens to play from the download link. I hope that helps.

  • Sheryl Garinger says:

    Thank you. My partner was able to down load it with a special app for the ipad. It feels great that it wasn’t just my computer skills. She did it in less than 5 minutes. I don’t no what I would do without her! On to updating my soul agreement. Thank you so much.

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