How Creation Energy Works

January 13, 2011

Photo by Patrick Yuen

There are many ways we contribute to the content of what is manifesting in our lives: thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, inaction, words spoken to others and requests to our higher power. With each of these we are adding possible outcomes to our future experience.  It is not the circumstances we are in so much as the beliefs, thoughts and feelings we have about them that affect our happiness.  We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for in the creation of our life. 

Last spring I saw Esther Hicks speak in Colorado and I was reminded of a potent truth in the concepts presented through her channeling Abraham.  The law of attraction or manifestation, from the perspective of Spirit is uninhibited by the perceived limitations of the Physical. It is all about matching energetic vibrations.  Abraham calls it the Vortex, an energy space in the future that we are filling non-stop through our emotions both positive and negative.  The Vortex doesn’t have an opinion about what vibrations we put into it.  It is there, as I see it, like a master soup bowl that continues to simmer as we add ingredients simply by directing our energy.  The resulting flavor is a combination of all that has been added.  This perpetual pot of soup that sits on the stove of our lives continues to change form based on what we are adding to the pot.  On a bad day we might put in a heaping spoonful of doubt or fear, on a good day we might add clarity and love.  The next week, month or year, when we finally get around to tasting the concoction that has been brewing in our future, we may be appalled by it, “Hey Universe/God, this isn’t what I ordered!”  Unfortunately we did order it.  We just weren’t paying attention to how our thoughts, feelings, actions and words were contributing to our future dining experience.

This isn’t to suggest we should make matters worse with self-criticism or try to control the full spectrum of emotions.   The intent is to bring to consciousness our power to contribute to a more fulfilling, juicy meal.  One of those dining experiences that you hope will never end, where each bite is taken slowly with pleasure.  What hit home with me about the Abraham message, was that when we are in those moments of low biorhythm or in a state of negativity, we can stop adding ingredients to the soup by taking a break from thinking about what it is we “wish” were true and what we “want” in the future, instead just do life.  Wash the dishes, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, head to the gym and don’t engage in the creation process.  When we are in an unconstructive emotion it is easy to get caught up in the struggle around changing our experience and in doing so inadvertently add vibrations to our Vortex of future experiences that we don’t want, rather than those we desire.

  • Art of Being-Yoga says:

    Thank you for your passion to contribute! Upon review of your inner process, (and quite familiar with “Abraham”), you’ve bypassed an important principle(s). Firstly, any low energy (negative) bio-rhythmic vibration (thought) can be “counter-acted” by a high-energy (positive) vibration thought form, moment-to-moment. The key is skillful action in “being”mindful (purpose of meditation). Becoming “Cognizant” (conscious) of mental patterns, persistently running through the “mind stream” of oneself. As in the case of “old” tape loads stored in the subconscious mind. Secondly, the “choice-maker” who utilizes language from a refined sense of awareness. All thoughts attract energy, and written/spoken words are thoughts highly amplified! Example of your quote: …”taking a break”…, CANCEL that thought! The Universe/Vortex receives your requests literal form (I have witnessed people materializing a “break” in myriad forrms. “Take a Breath” is farmore empowering & a skillful use in languaging thoughts. Lastly, & most important, we are Human Beings, & we must “get back” to Being life, Be living, Be present, Be Yoga! Our greatest opportunity is to begin articulating from this premise, particularly when we utilize social network platforms to “speak” our thought forms. We must “Be” aware & responsible while having
    “Fun”. Namaste

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