When People Get in Your Space – Lesson 4

One more bonus lesson in your Free 3 Part Training for Intuitives Empaths and Healers 

How much of what you are sensing is someone else's energy in your space? In this lesson, clear your energy field of energy that isn't yours! Learn and practice two tools for energy clearing: Gauge Tool & Bubble Tool.

Plus, I answer questions about protecting energy while you sleep.

Learn more in Empath Strength Training class, enrollment is open now until May 10.

Lesson 4 is a sample of what we do in Empath Strength Training
Enrollment open for new members until May 10

What students are saying...


When you invited me to be in this class, I really didn’t think I would ever have the bandwidth to do it, but I can see now how it has saved my life. In fact, it’s basically medically important for me that I do your class. It’s really the only thing getting me through this time. 



It’s so funny, for the first time in my life, I feels like I am finally beginning to understand myself in a way I have been yearning for so long to understand. It is as if I am entering into Hogwarts. (lol big Harry Potter nerd here) But truly, I'm so excited to continue practicing.



This class has helped me embrace, and even leverage, the gift of being sensitive. Previously, avoiding my sensitive nature had limited my voice and self expression and distanced me from others. Feeling is becoming a safe option with the tools to navigate my sensitivities and life is more vibrant and dynamic because of my openness.


Think of it like an energetic fitness class, to strengthen your sixth sensory awareness DETAILS HERE

Open for New Members until May 10 midnight
only accepting new members 2x a year, so don't miss your chance!

Lesson 1

Are You an Intuitive
Empath or Healer?


Lesson 2

Create Your Energy


Lesson 3

How to Recognize
Energy Leaks


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