Free Yourself from Controlling Energy

May 27, 2020
Controlling People, Manipulation, Move Energy

2020 is challenging our collective sense of control. Leaders are grasping to control the uncontrollable. Controlling what they can, before having enough information to know whether it will help or harm.

There is an energy that accompanies control. You may recognize it from experiences in your family, socially or at work. It requires no words but has power that alters what is possible, your options available in a moment of time.

Control in its positive form helps us navigate life, make healthy choices, achieve a goal, not crash our car. We relax with this sense of control because we know what to expect from taking a certain action. Healthy control for an energy sensitive is riverbanks or boundaries to direct the energy moving through us.

At times like these, when people feel so much is out of their control, the negative side of control rears its ugly head. What we are used to relying on is not reliable. Empaths feel this controlling energy as more than an external set of rules.

During the time of lock down clients and students have reported feeling their heart squeezed, tension in their belly and brain fog. All of these point to empathically sensing external control energy.

When someone wants you to do something their way and tries to control the outcome they may use:

  • Manipulation—appealing to your desire to please
  • Direct Order—that threatens punishment for non-compliance

For example, silently withholding information that limits a person’s choices is a form of controlling.  Secrets, lies and withholds restrict the person who is left in the dark. Undermining or distorting the truth they have available to take action on.

Judgement is used to try and control what a person thinks or does. The micro-manager in an office controls with judgment. Making a person wrong is controlling, particularly when there is more than one truth, or more than one way to do something.

Personal conflicts from polarized thinking are rampant right now. This type of control creates separation and undermines connection.

Meanwhile, the heart is typically controlled with use of approval, disapproval, shame and guilt. Statements such as, “If you love me, you agree with me.” or “Your behavior is an embarrassment to your family.” Are energy hooks meant to control behavior through making a person feel bad. Manipulative control meant to stop the person from following their personal convictions.

In the midst of the current landslide of controlling energy, it’s more important than ever to listen to your intuition. Your inner guidance speaks to you through energy. It will help you notice the when you are being controlled and if the control is beneficial or harmful.

With energy awareness you can decern your truth, separate it from the overwhelming input of opinions and restrictions. Then you can set energy boundaries with controlling people or organizations.

Neutralizing control is the key to not getting hooked by it. This doesn’t mean you don’t have your beliefs, or take a stand. Neutrality means not engaging in the energetic tug-o-war or falling prey to the guilt or being manipulated out of listening to your intuition.

To neutralize external control, set your space by refreshing your grounding cord, the connection from your root chakra into the Earth. And imagine soaking up the control energy you sense in your body with a healing rose. Move the rose away from you and watch its stem extend deeply into the ground. Then see the control energy drain down the stem, releasing it to be composted in the earth.

It is also important to call your energy back from whomever or whatever was controlling you. Imagine it being gathered up in a big gold ball of light above your head. Intend that the ball of light is infused with neutrality. Then drop it down into the top of your head, filling your body with the truth of your own energy. Reclaiming your power.

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