Empath’s Absorb the Energy Around Them – It can be Stressful

May 9, 2019
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Empath’s read their environment by feeling it. That means they absorb the energy around them like a sponge and it changes how they feel. Yet don’t always know what the information means, or what to do with it. It’s not their mind that is informing them, but every atom of their energy field.

Some people are born with more empathic sensitivity, some are taught it by their family, others learn it because they aren’t safe and need to see beyond the external signals to navigate life.

As an infant, before you could even speak or translate the behaviors of your human caretakers, you were using your empathic sensors to feel the energy around you.

Reading the energy around you empathically is a powerful way to understand your environment. The other five senses can more easily cloak what is really happening. A person who is angry can smile, say words that hide their true feelings and wear perfume to cover the scent of their anger.

The great part of being an empath is that often you can discern things that others don’t observe. It helps you make choices that are informed by more then what is obvious. You have good intuition.

The stressful part of being an empath is that you feel so much of what is happening around you. Feeling can be exhausting. You might need more time alone to recoup, have health issues from the stress of it, or find your choices confused by the energy you’ve absorbed.

As an empath you need ways to manage your sensitivity that keep the access to your intuition open, but protect you from absorbing the energy around you. Energy tools can help you clearly understand what you are sensing.

When I first decided to get training to understand my empathic sensitivity, over twenty years ago, I decided to do it because I wanted to stop feeling so much. To turn it off.

At that time, I often felt depleted after social interactions even though I really wanted to enjoy and connect with people in my life.

I started learning practices to protect my energy. Not to put up a wall but healthy boundaries to keep myself from absorbing negative energy. In the process, I got better at understanding what I was sensing, and where it was coming from. I learned to protect my energy from being depleted while still being compassionate with people who are struggling.

The first part of my life, being an empath felt like a weakness and cause of suffering. Now with understanding, tools and practice it has become something I am grateful for every day.

Whether you are an empath or not I encourage you to learn and practice skills to define your energy field. It is how you learn to love your sensitivity, even celebrate it!

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