Competition is Tricky Energy

February 27, 2019

I’ve always shied away from competition. As a kid I played sports for the fun of it. Physical activity lifted my energy. But competition energy directed at me felt draining.

There is a difference between friendly competition, where two or more people involved are respecting each other’s energy, and competition that takes another person’s energy. The kind you feel in your gut — third chakra power center.

In college I played Ultimate Frisbee on the University of Colorado Boulder’s women’s team. The sport is set at a friendly spirit of the game competition energy, self-refereeing, being alert and sprinting until you want to puke.

In my senior year of college our team flew to a tournament at Stanford University, we were playing a few games a day. During one of the games, I missed a catch causing the possession to go to the other team. A teammate screamed at me, “Get your F*&#ing head in the game!”

It felt like a punch in the gut. I kept playing, but the memory of that energy stuck with me all of these years. Today I laugh at it, but in the moment it really sucked. I was doing my best, I really was, and the competitive energy of my teammate turned against me. It took me down instead of lifted me up.

On a battle field, against an opponent or enemy this style of competition can be useful. But among colleagues, teammates, friends or family its destructive. This tricky competition energy depletes your energy so you are not a threat, or steals your energy to be used by the person running competition toward you.

The men in my family were experts at competition. Pioneers were rewarded for being the strongest, smartest, the sharpest shooter. Competitive conversation was even a thing. Whoever had a better story could dominate the conversation and energy in the room. I learned to hold my own in that environment but I never liked the feeling it left in my gut.

Destructive competition is a tricky energy because it usually comes from someone close to you. Even someone who professes to be your advocate, to want you to succeed in life. Someone on your team.

Why do people do it? From an energetic perspective, people run competitive energy toward the ones they love, admire or are in a team agreement with because they have a program (an unconscious automatic response) or belief that there is not enough for everyone, that they have to dominate others energy to get what they need or hook into the person’s energy to have enough energy to survive.

So, what do you do when someone is pointing destructive competition energy at you? Shield your solar plexus (gut) and clear them out of your aura.

Likely they have their competition attention focused on one area of your energy field (aura). Maybe it’s your home or money (root chakra), what you are creating or your sexual energy (second chakra), what you have the power to manifest (solar plexus), who you love or who you receive love from (heart chakra), what you can or can’t say (throat chakra), what you see or think (sixth chakra), the guidance you receive from your higher self (crown chakra). Wherever you notice this competition is focused, you can shift it.

Start with bringing your attention to the center of your head, your intuitive mind. Visualize moving the person’s energy into a bubble and out of that part of your aura. Then send the bubble back to them and pop it above their head.

Next imagine a rose in front of your body, set the intention that it protect and filter out any harmful competition energy sent your way.

Finally call your energy back from anyone who has taken it through competition. See it gathered up in a golden ball of light above your head. Pop that golden ball of light and let your reclaimed energy fill you up from head to toe.

Competition energy can be tricky, but when you see it for what it is you have the power to change how it effects your energy.

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