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Over and over life presents us with unexpected opportunities that stretch our comfort zone. There really is no such thing as getting comfortable unless you avoid contact with others. Even nature brings experiences that affect your energy and require shifts to plans. Ultimately, we all desire to stay centered and be at peace regardless of what happens in our life.

From the energy perspective, you have peace when you have graceful boundaries with the people in your life, feel grounded, refill your energy regularly and have balanced exchanges with others.

Sounds simple, but as far as I can tell it’s the most complex part of being a soul in a human body.

People want more than you have to give at times. Their fears or trauma get triggered, so they grab on to you to ground and regain their balance. It can really throw you off. They make mistakes that impact you. Or you make a choice that has unexpected consequences. Having something unexpected rock your world, including someone who brings destabilizing energy, is like getting caught in a storm.

You’re on a hike in the mountains on a sunny day. You feel at peace.

Thunder rolls in the distance. Your inner-voice says, “I know this one. Got it. No problem.”

Lightening ripples across looming dark clouds you see beyond blue sky. Do you feel at peace now?

Hair stands up on your arms as the storm moves your way. Your inner-voice is like, “Maybe it’s a good idea for me to change my plan, turn around, move to lower ground, seek shelter?”

Do you feel at peace now?

Lightening is hitting the high points. Torrents of rain are pelting down. You didn’t bring a rain jacket. Your inner-voice is running through all sorts of possible bad scenarios laced with criticism, “You know better. You didn’t tell anyone where you were hiking. You didn’t come prepared. Your intuition nudged you to turn around. If you had, you would be back to your car by now.”

Your drenched, tiny hail pelting your skin. Thankfully the lightening has passed. But not the self-critical voice. Your energy was thrown off. How do you regain your peace?

Life happens. Your peace will be tested over and over again. Sometimes it will be due to a choice you made that has consequences you didn’t expect. Sometimes it will be others energy that impacts you and requires some work to reclaim your peace.

When something is stealing your peace, its most important to return to the basics (see diagram).

  1. Visualize your grounding cord. A fresh one, deeply rooted in the earth. (RED ARROW)
  2. Reset your aura bubble. This is me. That is you. We can love each other, have compassion, help each other and NOT be IN each other’s bubble. (BLUE CIRCLE)
  3. Call your energy back to you. Imagine it coming from the person or situation that your peace was lost to, pouring back in to fill you up through the top of your head. (GOLD SUN & ARROW)

The tests to your peace will come. That’s a guarantee. But you always have the power to reclaim your peace by reclaiming your energy.

A trapeze artist must let go of one bar to grasp the next, allowing the momentum to carry her to her destination. She trusts that the brief moment between attachment to one bar and firmly holding the next will not result in a fall to injury or death.  Whenever we let go of one belief, one aspect of routine or commitment in our life en route to a new experience, we have to cross a moment where there is nothing to hold on to.

It’s a moment of faith. We know where we’ve been. We know it’s time to let go and change. We see what we are willing to try next, our next step, even if we aren’t sure what it means or where it is taking us. When momentum and synchronicity of life circumstances is on our side we may not notice the large cavern below as we swing to our next possibility.

The familiarity of the old way of being can have us stuck. It’s easier to keep doing what we’ve done rather than take the risk of change. Over time we may miss multiple opportunities to make a change. We elect to wait a little longer, stick with the familiar because it seems less stressful, or just more comfortable.  The trapeze we are swinging on loses contact with the flow and we aren’t getting close enough to the opportunity for change that arrives.

We see it but it’s out of reach. Or we stop seeing new opportunities and are hanging there in that familiar spot, with the belief or in the relationship or with the job we’ve been at for a long time, yet we know it’s a dead end. It’s not where we are supposed to be.  We’re stuck.  We are a sailboat in windless waters.

How do we let go of whatever we are stuck on, the aspect of our lives asking for change that we’ve avoided?  How do we create momentum, movement, and wind in our sails?  We move energy.

Moving energy is pretty simple.  One way to do it is through intentional visualization, eyes closed or open, we set an intention to move the stuck energy out of our space.  I do this by visualizing a rose in front of me that is vacuuming out the stuck energy from my aura.  It doesn’t need to be any more specific than that.

If you want to get specific  you can watch various unhelpful energies move out of your aura and into the rose such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty, disappointment, self-judgment, disapproval from loved ones or possible failure.   When the rose is full of the energy you have moved out of your space, imagine it going to a faraway place, a mountain top or desert. See it dissolve, recycling the energy into the neutrality of the universe.

Moving stuck energy out of our aura creates momentum and room for the new possibility. The more energy we let go of that isn’t serving us, the more wind is available to fill our sails and carry us to our next destination.

When our personal space is entered in a way that feels disturbing, anger can alert us take action.  In response to our sense of discomfort, we may physically exit the situation, speak words that give us more space, make ourselves unavailable through non-response or surround ourselves with other people to create a buffer.  Unless it is a reoccurring pattern with a person we know, having a boundary violated usually catches us off guard.  When we recognize it in the moment we have a chance to respond and shift the energy. Otherwise we will find that we’ve given our energy away and have some self-healing to do.  

Recently at a conference out of town, a co-worker asked me to meet over dinner to discuss business.  When the opportunity presented itself for me to meet with a critical client at the same time, I asked if we could postpone our meeting.  He urged me to say no to the client, because he needed to tell me something important.  Over dinner I found myself listening to a long resume of this man’s experience that eventually led up to him admitting that he wanted to pick my brain for insights on how he could better sell himself as a writer and see if I would be interested in selling his writing services for a commission.  Over the course of the conversation I noticed my energy getting depleted and activated the Protection Rose tool described later in this post. I was angry at myself for saying yes to his request without a clear understanding of his expectations and angry at him for violating my boundaries.  When he finally got to the punch line it was clear that his urgency was to serve his private agenda not our mutual business commitments and I had missed an opportunity to do my job.  The boundaries of my time and energy had been crossed. 

Anger is a big neon flashing light pointed at an infringement of our boundaries.  It may feel like self-criticism if we noticed the boundary being crossed and didn’t stand up for our self, or it may be directed at the person or experience that crossed our boundary.  Usually people who push our edges aren’t conscious of it.  They are simply on a path to self-satisfaction and operating within their own reference points for what’s acceptable. They may not know any other way to source energy than to take it from someone else.  Physiologically anger gives us a surge of adrenaline that is necessary to go to battle on our own behalf.  The warrior within comes to assist us with resetting the boundary. We show up for ourselves. 

Anger itself is not negative but what we do with anger has given it a bad reputation.  Paying attention to the source of our anger awakens us to a boundary being crossed while it’s happening.  Only then do we have the opportunity to use our energy tools to hold a healthy space for ourselves.  My favorite in-the-moment tool is the Protection Rose.  When you feel someone trying to tap into your energy or enter your personal space in a way that is unacceptable, visualize a rose in the space between you.  The rose has a stem deeply rooted into the earth.  The blossom of the rose acts as a filter, protecting you from any energy coming from the person that is depleting or not in your highest good.  This works for phone conversations too.   Use of a Protection Rose shifts the experience so you can stay present to take further actions that are in alignment with your health.