A simple overview of the energy centers in the human body

CROWN CHAKRA (7th) is our connection with the Source/God.  It contains information on how we show ourselves to the world (our persona) and the energy of understanding.

3rd EYE / BROW CHAKRA (6th) is where we experience our intuitive and analytical mind.  Where we see, imagine and have knowledge. It is from here that we see ourselves in the world relative to others.

THROAT CHAKRA (5th) is our communication space, how we express ourselves and hear others.

HEART CHAKRA (4th) is where we give and receive love.  It vibrates the energy of affinity for others and the Self.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (3rd) is our core personal power.  It is where we experience self-worth and activate will (how life force energy is manifested into physical form).

SACRAL CHAKRA (2nd) is where our creation energy lives.  It contains our emotions, sexual energy and capacity for manifestation.

ROOT CHAKRA (1st) is where we ground to the earth.  It holds the energies of safety, security and our basic food/shelter survival needs.

For a deep look at the chakras read Anodea Judith’s  book Wheels of Life.

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