Animals as Healers

September 26, 2012

Bisbee the soul in a dogs body from 2002 to 2012

Reposting this in memory of my four-legged companion Bisbee who passed to the other side in August.  I watched his soul meet the angels waiting as he left his body.  It was a joyous moment for him but a huge loss for me.  I miss his presence.  For those of you who have had readings with me, you will miss his sensitivity to energy moving in the sessions and his awareness of when our session was nearing completion… the dog timer.

Animals are more than companions, they are teachers and healers.  Animals live in the present.  They don’t worry about the past or the future.  In their presence, our pets are tuned-in to the vibration of the moment and can give us clues about the energy of an experience if we pay attention to their signals.  They sense the vibration of those around them and respond accordingly.

When I’m in session with a client and a potent spiritual energy is being moved out of the space, my dog will become interested and put his body between the two of us.  He senses the presence of this other entity as it is detaching from the person who has been carrying it.  He’s showing up to offer healing assistance and protection.  On a simpler level, he’s checking out the other energy that just arrived in the space, as he would greet a person that came to the front door of the house.

Pet companions, especially cats and dogs, offer us insights into the energy of people in our lives.  Is the person comfortable with themselves or fearful of connecting with others? Do they have a spiritual entity in their space that they are allowing to operate their body?  Animals recognize it, and display uncharacteristic behavior such as avoidance of the person, overt dislike or blocking the person from approaching their owner. This is equally true for self-reflection, our animal companions change the way they respond to us when we are not being ourselves i.e. when we have some spiritual energy in our space that is altering our vibration.

Pets don’t have a ‘socially acceptable’ filter that prevents them from showing their authentic response to a person or another animal.  They are tuned-in to energy and respond without hesitance by cowering, attack, cuddling or ignoring.  They can draw our attention to something or someone being off.

As humans we’ve learned the healthy respect of others boundaries and consider behavioral appropriateness before we snuggle up to someone or tell them off.  We are programmed to respond in a ways that deny acknowledgment of our true intuitive response to a person and the vibrations they are carrying.  We use past experiences as a point of reference and overide what we feel in the present.

By observing our pets we can learn to be more present, intuitively tuning in to the energy as we engage in relationships.  Our animals offer comfort and healing when they sense we are upset, angry, sad or in pain. They sleep beside us when we are physically sick or emotionally distraught. They play with us when we are joyful and invite us to play with them when we are too caught up in mundane tasks to smile.  They always offer unconditional love. And they teach us to listen to our intuition by being tuned into the vibrations of all beings they encounter.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    Natalie, I’m so sorry that you lost your best canine friend. I’m dealing with letting go of my sweet Rusty boy, as he is in the late stages of cancer.. He still active, but thin and has cancer related symptoms. I thought he was going to die last Saturday night so I called for a family going away party on Sunday so all our grand kids could say goodbye to him. He was up walking around then so the reality of his impending death didn’t bring any tears. He is still active and wanting his walks, but I can tell that his organs are shutting down. He’s one of these dogs who loves everyone and exudes positive energy. He’s going to be missed by all of us. He’s 10 years old and I’ve had him for 8 years, so he will leave a hole in my life, but lots of good memories and great pictures of him.

    • Natalie says:

      Sandy, Thank you for your love and compassion. It was a painful loss. I am adjusting. Sorry to hear that Rusty is preparing to depart the body too. He’s a sweet soul. Same age Bisbee was and I also had Bisbee for 8 of his 10 years. Love ya!

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