3 Keys to Access Your Intuition

November 11, 2015

You have intuition. Ultimately it’s a matter of whether you notice it or not. When your intuition is doing its job it keeps life flowing in synchronistic ways. Divinely timed opportunities show up and you say “yes”. You’re invited to do something that sounds amazing but you don’t feel right about it and decline. Your intuition is informing your yes and no. You’re in the flow.

But that’s not always the case. You are culturally conditioned to ignore and deny your intuition. It starts in the earliest moments when you point something out to your parents that they are uncomfortable seeing and they tell you it is not true. When you deny your intuition, life doesn’t feel so easy. You run into roadblocks, bump into things, have to redo what you already thought was done, and find yourself suffering from painful experiences you could have avoided.

The great news is that intuition is a skill you can reclaim and strengthen. It never went away. It simply has been hidden from your view. There are 3 keys to improving access to your intuition.

The first key is to consciously listen. In order to hear your inner-voice you have to press pause on your mind’s analysis of the situation. It sounds simple but it is one of the most challenging aspects of being human, to get the mind out of the way of intuitive information.

Your intuition speaks to you is through body sensations. It lets you know if something is the best course for you or not with feelings such as tightness in your belly, hair standing up on your neck, tension relief, a relaxation of the shoulders or jaw.

To focus your listening, directly ask yourself a question and notice which response causes you to feel a deep peace. You may have butterflies about the decision if it challenges how people see you or receiving outside approval. But beneath that edge you will know it is right for you.

The second key to improving access to your intuition is to clear out conditioning from society, family and past experiences. These influences distort your intuition. They are static interfering with clearly hearing your inner-voice, a combination of the beliefs, needs and fears of those around you. This includes your past experiences that may or may not have truth in the present moment.

To clear out your conditioning follow the guidance in my blog post Make Room For What You Want.

The third key is to overcome your doubt. Doubt undermines intuition. It can be as intense as triggering a trauma like experience that causes you to go blank, not knowing what to do next. Or it can be as unconscious as ignoring your gut feeling to take an alternate route home only to get stuck in a traffic jam.

The way to overcome doubt is to practice acting on your intuition. Maybe you pull up the route home on your phone and look at the traffic to validate your intuitive hit. Or maybe you courageously say what you sense to a friend and discover you are right. The more you practice, the more validation you will receive. Validation will help you gain confidence and clarity.

These 3 simple keys: listen, clear out conditioning and overcome doubt, will help you unlock the door to your intuitive ability. As you trust your intuition life delivers more synchronicity and you experience less suffering from taking actions that were not true to you.

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