Your Body’s Secrets

April 12, 2021
Heal Your Body, Empaths Feel Too Much, Out of Body

Your body tells you when something is wrong with it, right? Empaths become conditioned to feeling so much through the body that often we learn to disassociate from our pain. Alternately, we feel all of the pain in the people or world through our body, and our body holds these secrets too.

Your body – hell bent on self-preservation – is like a stubbornly independent child. It wants to keep playing as blood clots in an open wound, digesting regardless of stomach pain, pushing through a headache to stick with your plans or altering the spine to accommodate a twisted ankle.

It finds workarounds to its limitations. It cushions its wounds. It sends healing cells to the traumatized areas. It gives you a shot of adrenaline. And it avoids sending you signals of its pain, if it believes those signals pose a greater risk to your survival.

As energy sensitives, feeling energy can be traumatic at the cellular level. The body knows that it needs to protect you from overload. A common survival technique for empath’s is for your spirit go out of your body. Your soul hovers above the body so you can continue to do what you need for your life but you feel less of the energy signals the body is reading. This survival technique can keep you from knowing what your body needs, merging the signals of its needs with the sensations of those around you, or muting them.

Yes, the secrets your body holds are many. It bustles around taking care of business without bothering you if at all possible. When its operating as you wish it to, you ignore it for the most part. Doing what you please. When it stops cooperating, you feel betrayed, confused, even angry.

My recent experience with a sudden onset genetic disease and pain revealed shocking secrets my body was holding. Areas of poor circulation in my brain from pass periods of stress. Fractured vertebra that had healed and left scar tissue. I can’t tell you when the injury occurred because I don’t remember being in pain.

As a child and young woman, empathically sensing so much, I spent a lot of time out of my body. It was easier that way. Lots of bumps and bruises resulted as I was not tuned in to where my body began and ended relative to the world around me. My body took the hit. It gathered up secrets from its disregarded pain, physical and energetic.

Over the course of a lifetime your body gets banged up and heals over-and-over again. Sometimes from physical encounters – a car accident that jars the spine, a penny-drop off the monkey bars that fractures a wrist, a fall snowboarding that causes a concussion. Sometimes from your environment – chemicals in the air, water or food that affect organs, cause cancer, stressful experiences that leave lasting scars on the brain or muscles. Sometimes from genetics – the template of DNA its built upon. Sometimes from emotional or psychological injury – verbal or physical abuse, neglect, energetically toxic home or work environments.

Whether you heal consciously or unconsciously, your body holds secret memories of the wounds. These accumulate to a point where you can no longer ignore them. The body determines its survival is more important than protecting you from feeling the pain. The unresolved or traumatic experiences that wounded or altered the course of your life must be atoned for.

Facing your body’s secrets can feel like a trauma in itself. I wondered; how did I not know? Why was I so disassociated from my pain? Your body is your vessel, your temple, the home for our soul on this earth walk. Painful or not, you need to honor it. Let it tells you it’s secrets so that you can heal fully.

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