Follow Your Intuition to Guatemala Retreat

Decode the Mysteries of Your Soul

with Natalie Cutsforth

Where: Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

When: March 12-20, 2021

Reserve Your Space with a $500 Deposit

Imagine having profound ah-ha moments and joyfully unwinding the mysteries of your soul
-- decoding insights that invite you to consciously direct the next steps of your life -- 
all while on an adventure you will never forget.

With all that is happening in the world you might be feeling in need of a retreat and fresh inspiration for your life. Take a break from the intensity on the planet and attune to what your soul is here to do in these wild times on Earth.

Do you sense that there is something more for you in this lifetime?

Tap into your soul records and update your soul contracts to change the trajectory of your life. 

I’ll make it easy on you. I love growing, I love evolving and I love helping other people do it too – so let’s do it together in Guatemala.

Imagine yourself at a high mountain lake immersed in your own sacred ritual, honoring your soul’s evolution while experiencing the traditions of the local Mayan culture. Travel with a conscious approach to a remote village, mindful of honoring ancient traditions. Tap into your inner-guidance and evolve your soul with guided visualizations, ceremony and dance.

Each day you will honor your spirit with sacred practices to remember why your soul came here this lifetime.

Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is the perfect place to spend 6 days and nights -- plus 2 days in Antigua -- making it a magical 8-day adventure. 

Awaken your soul’s mystical roots, set your intentions in daily ritual and open to messages from your higher self, all while free from the busyness and distractions of the world.

The mystical shores of Lake Atitlan are the perfect environment to explore your connection to your soul’s contracts. On this retreat you will reset them to match what you have made possible through the inner-healing you’ve achieved to this point in your life.

Life decisions become crystal clear when you release energy blocks and open to your inner- guidance. Your soul alignment is the key to living a joyful life.

Follow Your Intuition to Guatemala: Decode the Mysteries of Your Soul is the magical journey you’ve been looking for to raise your vibration and attune your soul to embrace a new level of being.

At Villa Sumaya, dip your toes or fully immerse yourself in the healing waters. Walk to the village or take a boat to other villages on the lake shore. Connect with the daily rhythm of ripples in the lake to unwind.

Be active and rent a stand-up paddleboard or relax with spa treatments. Find delight in the delicious food, organically and locally grown in the village.

Whatever your soul wants, you can have it!

In addition to the teachings, all in-country transportatation from arrival at the airport, lodging and most meals included. ALL of the retreat details on Bella Retreats site linked below. Know what to expect on the days we are together, see room options, photos, expected weather and more.

What Natalie's retreat participants have to say...

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As an Intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. I make mystical practices accessible, teaching energy tools and sacred ritual while weaving in my unique understanding of soul contracts. 

Let me help you decode your inner-mysteries, translating your soul records to add meaning to your life.  I lead international retreats because exploring different cultures stimulates profound ah-ha moments and fast-tracks your awakening.

Start dreaming of Lake Atitlan magic...

Follow Your Intuition to Guatemala
Decode the Mysteries of Your Soul

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