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Learn to Recognize and

Clear Spiritual Entities

Negative Spiritual Entities are a form of energy that can create suffering when attached to a person. Like a parasite or virus, they can steal energy, disrupt thoughts and create pain in the body.

Whether you are a healer or a natural sensitive, it is vital to your health, that you know how to recognize when a Spiritual Entity is in someone’s space. Understanding what you see, and having a clear course of action with tools to protect yourself, will help you maintain mental clarity, physical energy and inner-peace when you encounter these energies in the world or in a client.

Study with Energy Healer and Spiritual Adviser Natalie Cutsforth

You’ll have tools and information that give you …

  • A greater sense of ease and safety, at work and in your life

  • More energy and focus as it is reclaimed from draining encounters

  • Confidence in what you are seeing

  • Authority over Spiritual Entities

  • Clarity on when you can help and when you can’t

  • Improved results with clients who have been stuck in their healing process

You’ll receive support to evolve your healing practice …

  • Two live video teaching sessions, recorded and available to access 24/7

  • Interactive group discussions with live Q&A opportunity, my quick “read” on what your experiencing with a specific client or in your own body

  • Practice the tools as a group

  • Documented course teachings for future reference

  • Guided meditation audio to set protection for your work space and energy field

  • Handout you can give clients to help them protect their energy/health

  • Community of soulful healing professionals in a private Facebook Group.

This course is for you if …

  • You’re a healing professional such as a: doctor, nurse, therapist, body-worker, life coach or studying to be one.

  • You are a natural sensitive and find your self getting drained by energy you encounter.

  • You want to recognize when your someone has a harmful Spiritual Entity in their space

  • You want to be able to help your others while feeling safe/protected

  • You want to reclaim your energy from depleting interactions

  • You want to recognize the difference between mental illness and spiritual illness

This training is designed to help you up-level your experience as a healer, teaching you to recognize negative Spiritual Entities that block client’s healing. Gain an understanding of the types of Entities you may encounter and how they get attached. Learn and practice protecting your space and clear the energy to support your clients healing.


Are you ready to feel more at informed and empowered in the presence of the energy you encounter in your work as a healer?

Clear Spiritual Entities Course


Save an $20 when you bundle a one-hour private session with the course. Healers need support too. Use the reading and healing session anytime between now and end of August 2018.

Clear Spiritual Entities Course + Session


($20 off Full Price of $319)


Natalie Cutsforth helps women and men on the path of self-actualization align with their soul essence through accessing intuition, releasing unconscious blocks and updating soul vows. She is an energy healer and spiritual adviser who sees where healing is available through release of unresolved energy in the soul’s memory that impacts the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Natalie’s grounded approach to mystical healing was cultivated through growing up on a ranch and working for two decades in the technology industry.


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