Breakthrough to Your Power

2018 Opens with a Gateway to Breakthrough for Your Deepest Desires.


What will you do to show up for your soul’s plan to shine your light in the world? This is THE question your higher-self will be asking you all year long.


Join Marcia Wade, Star Sister Astrologer and Clairvoyant Natalie Cutsforth, your guides to navigate the Breakthrough to Your Power in 2018!


Two eclipses coming in the first six weeks of 2018 are the Cosmos’ way of telling us what we sense in our hearts.  These eclipses — which begin in January — are Phase 2 of the massive shifts that were set in motion last August, at our Total Eclipse of the Heart.  They’re bringing a breakthrough for your deepest power. The eclipses will be potent, supporting:


These changes are happening FOR you. They’re just what you need to move forward! If you’re not prepared for them, though, they can feel like they’re happening TO you — especially in times of massive change like these.


Build Your Heart-Connected Power as You:

  • Master tools that let you use the fragmented and polarized energy of our times — and break through  resistance to new levels of joy, purpose, and abundance for your life and for our world.

  • Recognize how your energy is being used or depleted, and how you can recharge it, direct it — and reclaim your power.

  • Align with perfect timing for the action steps that will maximize your movement forward in 2018.

  • Engage with a supportive community of kindred spirits in live discussion sessions (January 28 and February 18) and a private Facebook group.


The Course includes four live sessions, recorded and available 24/7 for review:

  1. Prepare to Claim Your Power – January 9

  2. Clear the Pathway to Your Heart – January 23

  3. Release Resistance to Your Power – February 6

  4. Manifest from Your Heart – February 20


Each session contains:

  • A magical combination of astrology and soul-level consciousness transformation practices that provide a framework for understanding your evolutionary change — and tools to accelerate it

  • Powerful and practical meditations,  tips, and tools to ground the frequencies of deep change, manifest your intentions, and re-shape your reality.


Then this Course is for YOU!


Course $245

Add readings for maximum impact! Save $20 per reading when you bundle with the course. Learn from Marcia how astrology can support your personal breakthrough. Receive a clairvoyant reading and healing from Natalie to clear blocks to your power and heart.

Course Plus One Reading $385

Course Plus Two Readings $525

Natalie Cutsforth

Natalie Cutsforth helps women and men on the path of self-actualization align with their soul essence through accessing intuition, releasing unconscious blocks and updating soul agreements. She is a clairvoyant reader who sees where healing is available through release of unresolved energy in the soul’s memory that impacts the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Natalie’s grounded approach to mystical healing comes from exercising her analytical mind while equally honoring her intuitive guidance.

Marcia Wade

Known to thousands of people worldwide as Star Sister, Marcia Wade brings decades of study of astrology, ancient mythology, and the energetic signatures of  the Sacred Feminine to her work at Star Sister Astrology.  A growing focus of her work is the new planet discoveries that are transforming our consciousness and our  lives.

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