Why Intuitive People Don’t Sleep Well – 4 Steps to A Good Nights Rest

March 18, 2022
Sleep Deprived, Stress Relief, Intuition

When you are an intuitive person, you feel the energy around you. Sometimes that means its harder to sleep.  Waking up exhausted or tossing and turning are common experiences.

Sleep lets your body, mind and spirit refuel and repair. When your intuitive extrasensory awareness is alert 24/7, your body and mind can’t fully relax. It doesn’t feel safe.

People’s energy – whether they are present physically or not – is the number one sleep disruptor for those with extrasensory awareness. Simply having someone sleep next to you in bed, can keep your energetic radar from turning off, to let you sleep.

In addition, people you have interactions with throughout your day are on your intuitive radar, whether the communication was in-person, online, phone, text, or email. You may feel their energy still lingering. This contributes to anxious thoughts about what may or may not be behind the energy. You’re processing what your intuition sensed that didn’t match the words.

When your extrasensory radar is on while you sleep, it’s an energy leak. Your energy is either going to another person, trying to figure out the past, or to determine the future. It’s not at rest. If you are intuitive you need to create safe energy boundaries to rest deeply.

Here are four simple visualizations to prepare your energy for more restful sleep. It helps to close your eyes when you do these exercises:

  1. Visualize your bed. Imagine that you are putting on a new mattress cover that is a gold grid pattern. The gold grid has a high frequency that cleans out the energy disrupters in your bed. See yourself turn on the gold grid like an electric blanket, to reset your sleep space.

  2. Imagine your bed has an energetic bedframe anchored to the earth. Your bedframe grows roots deep down into the ground from its four legs. This is called grounding. Grounding your bed makes it easier for your spirit to feel safe going into deep sleep.

  3. If you sleep with someone, no matter how much you love them, its healthy to intentionally set your aura. Your aura is the energy field around your body that defines where your energy ends and theirs begins. Your aura absorbs other people’s energy if it’s not set intentionally. Visualize a bubble around your body and give it a color to define its boundary. When walking around the aura bubble is about three feet from your body in all directions but when sleeping with someone you can tuck it in closer on one side, to allow for your partner. You do you. Let them do their own energy. If your partner has been getting some energy from you while they sleep, you may want to visualize a protection rose as a filter in-between you.

  1. Finally, if your brain is in a loop thinking about a conversation you had that day, a list of things you have to do, or worrying about something that might happen, it needs help to slow down. Visualize putting a chocolate brown stocking cap on your head or a sleep mask. When you cover your third-eye with this earthy color, it helps the brain slow down. You might also imagine turning down a volume knob on your thoughts for the night.

Your extrasensory awareness responds to visualization because intuition operates from the same part of your mind as your imagination. The creative less analytic side part of your brain. These visualizations may need to be done regularly for a while to set a new habit in your sleep space. But in time they will become the automatic way you set your intuitive energy for sleep.

Your intuitive awareness can result in sponging up other people’s pain, anger or depression. You can learn ways to set and protect your energy at any age.

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