When to Share, When to Shut Up?

April 1, 2010

If you are one of those people who has a natural intuitive strength you may have found over the years that your insights are not always well received. You see something and say it to a person involved in the perception and they either invalidate it with denial or even react harshly lashing out at the suggestion. This happens because the person you are sharing your intuitive truth (it) with is not ready to hear it or they feel vulnerable that you see something they haven’t seen themselves. Alternately they may have seen it themselves but not be ready for you to see it. The intuitive person’s intent is to be helpful or possibly we are purely unconscious of the fact that we are reading information that is not overtly available. When we are not aware of our boundaries in reading we often violate other people’s comfort zones by offering up friendly insights. This can result in receiving a lot of negative response to our intuition; verbal or energetic whacks warning us that we’ve crossed an invisible line.

When is it okay to share intuitive information that is related to another person? My truth is that we need to ask the person permission to provide the insight before volunteering it. By acknowledging another’s boundaries and giving them the option to say “no thanks” we will reduce negative feedback from sharing our intuitive truth. Before you speak, consider what the impact may be in your relationship with that person. Whenever you share an insight it is important to release attachment to the outcome. If you can’t do so, the communication will be delivered with a hook. That energy will make for a very sticky situation that feels like judgment or control to the receiver. No fun. The more we learn to have our intuitive truth for ourselves and release that which drives us use it on behalf of others, the more peaceful our lives become.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    Well put, Natalie. Thanks for the great insight and advice!

    Auntie Sandy

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