Sweet Dreams Gift Bundle

It's time to dream again... 

Dreams, desires, the vision for your life, give you purpose. Inspire your loved one or yourself to dream again with this holiday gift bundle. 

As I prepared this collection of handmade lavender products, I was fulfilling a dream. Planting fields of lavender was a dream that didn't exist five years ago, yet it has brought me so much focus, fullfillment and purpose, along with hard work and ah-ha moments.

We need new dreams throughout life to stay inspired, engaged and creating. 

The Sweet Dreams Lavender Gift Bundle was blessed each step of the way. While planting, tending, harvesting, distilling and making products with every bud of lavender, I held the intention of postive energy and healing for each person who received them. 

Sweet Dreams Gift Bundle Includes:

  • Open Your Dream Portal with Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist $12 value
  • Clear Space with a Lavender Rose Smudge Wand $20 value
  • Relax with a Silk Lavender Flaxseed Third Eye-Dream Pillow $22 value
  • Anoint the body with Loving Kindness Lavender oil $25 value
  • Remove Blocks in a Group Reading and Healing $75 value
  • Get Clear and Grounded with the Amathyst Palm Stone $20

Give the whole bundle to one person or split it up and spread the love.
SAVE $40 with this holiday gift bundle

$134 + shipping (value $174) 

Order by December 11, 2022, while supplies last

*Shipping varies by location. I'll reach out to get your shipping instructions and shipping payment after purchase. As well as your choice of fabric and smudge bundle color preference.

Meaningful experiences are what make up a magical life, that is why I've included a Group Reading and Healing in the gift bundle. Group Reading Details HERE

Plus an amethyst crystal palm stone for grounding, clarity and protection.

Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist

Lavender is clinically proven to help you relax. Here are some ways to use the Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist to relieve stress and sweeten up the scent of the space:

  • Mist your pillow
  • Mist your face
  • Mist a room 
Smudge Bundle, Lavender, Space Clearing

Lavender Rose Smudge Bundle

Smudge bundles are meant to be burned to clear space and re-set it to your intented frequency. Lavender has a soft sweetness with its antimicrobial make up. Rose petals adorn these hand wrapped bundles to infuse them with a protective high viberation, beauty and empowerment. 

Third Eye Bag, Lavender Flaxseed Dream Pillow

Silk Dream Pillow/Third-Eye Bag

Choice of 6 colors/patterns. Filled with flaxseed and lavender, heat up this dream pillow to release more lavender scent, warm and relax your body wherever you need it. Use at room tempature to cover your eyes, blocking out light for deeper relaxation and turning intward to listen to your inner guidance and dreams.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Overlooking my first lavender field is Kuan Yin. Holding space for loving kindness and prayers answered. Thus, I call my 100% pure Grosso Lavender oil with it's grounding earthy energy Loving Kindness Lavender. Anoint your skin with loving kindness as an act of self-love.

Amethyst Palm Stone

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