Natalie Cutsforth is the author of all content on this website.  Her writing has been published in magazines, newspapers and online, on the topics of technology, self-awareness, travel, health and lifestyle.


2012 Fall Issue, Imaging Notes Magazine – Simplified Elevation Analysis in the Cloud

2011 Journal of the Ozark Research Institute – Intuitive Decision Making

2011 Spring Issue, Imaging Notes Magazine – Kass Green Executive Interview

2010 November, Bella Spark Magazine – Intuitive Decision Making

2010 Summer Issue, Imaging Notes Magazine – Community Remote Sensing

2010 July/August, Bella Spark Magazine – Dancers on a Journey to Self-Awareness

2010 Spring Issue, Imaging Notes Magazine  – Renewable Energy Potential

2010-01 GITA Chapter Connections – Rocky Mountain Region Collaborates to Support Job Seekers

2008-11 GITA Chapter Connections – Resume Review Clinic

North Denver News

2010-11 Speaking From The Heart

2010-09 Competition or Companionship – Sports with Friends

2010-08 Toxic Plant Encounter

2010-05 The Wedding Photographer

2010-03 Obama in the House

2010-02 Online Dating

2010-01 Body Work

2009-12 Eating with a Conscious

2009-11 Building a Strong Immune System

2009-05 Yoga’s Healing Grace

2009-03 Online Social Networking

2009-01 A Month Long Commitment to Your Health

2008-10 Rhythm Sanctuary

2008-09 Look Up

2008-04 Mud Season

2008-03 Re-Creating Your Home

2008-01 Traveling on a Whim

2007-11 Gypsy Nation

2007-10 Missing in Meditation

2007-05 How to Pick A Personal Trainer

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