Love Shine

February 12, 2010

Love relationships are on most people’s mind this week whether in a romantic relationship or not.  The sense that we should do something romantic for our partner and make it special can feel somewhat daunting.  It is a holiday fraught with demand energy from social expectations to personal concepts of what it means to demonstrate your love.  Not to mention all the baggage of what you did seemingly right or wrong on this holiday in the past.  How can you use your intuition to act on loves call in a creative and opening way?  Whether you are in a comfortable loving partnership where each of you regularly expresses your needs and desires and you both try to listen and respond with neutrality or you are in a relationship that holds the tension of unmet needs and desires, your intuitive truth can expand the experience to a deeper sharing of love. 

This idea of celebrating love comes with the intention of pleasing your partner, showing them that you appreciate and value them in a form that they respond to rather than the form that you respond to… yes those 5 Love Languages everyone is whispering about.  Use your skills of observation to see what puts that glimmer in your lover’s eye.  Does she just want to kiss you when you make her dinner, rub her shoulders or encourage one of her dreams?  Does he relax a little deeper when you really pay attention to his play-by-play recount of the problem he solved at work or bring home his favorite flavor of ice cream?  We want to please our partner because when their love light shines we get to feel its glow.  It really is selfish but in a good way.  True love grows through everyday acts of kindness, acceptance and consciousness of our partners needs.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    OK, I know I’m biased, being your aunt and all, but I have to say you’ve written a very meaningful and insightful piece about inspiring and keeping romantic love in a relationship. One of the things that you said that is so true is that true love grows through everyday acts of kindness and awareness of our partner’s needs. Having the attitude that we are here to serve each other makes for a much happier, satisfying relationship.
    After 40 years of marriage, I didn’t expect Roger to surprise me on Valentine’s Day, but he not only surprised me with a new book, a jazz CD and a single red rose in a vase, he showed up in his suit and tie for our dinner date that night. It’s been many years since he’s worn it, so I was actually shocked.
    Natalie, you have a true gift for expressing thoughts and insights in writing and I’m so happy that you are courageously stepping out and developing that gift and sharing it with others. Much Love, Aunt Sandy

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