Good Energy Lavender Bundle

Mother's & Other's who give a lot, need to receive good energy too...

Honor those how give so much (including yourself) with a magical bundle of restorative energy. 

This lavender is blessed each step of the way from the time of planting, to tending, harvesting, distilling and hand making each item, Natalie holds the intention of positive energy and healing for each person who receives these gifts from the earth. Give a lot of good vibes to a loved one or spread the love by sharing the good energy items to many important people in your life.

Mothers Day Gift, Positive Energy Gifts, Self-care Gifts

Mothers & Other's Day Special Lavender Gift Bundle Includes:

  • Tune-in to your guidance with a Silk Lavender Third Eye-Dream Pillow
  • Relax a busy mind and sleep deep with Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist
  • Calm and Balance home and body with Loving Kindness pure lavender oil
  • Spice up life with Culinary Lavender, sweet and savory, recipes included
  • Invite in support from helpful spirits with Angel Cards
  • Gain Insight in a 2 hour Group Reading and Healing session

SAVE over $60 with this limited time offer (value $157)
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$97 shipping included in the U.S. mainland

I'll email after you order to get your shipping instructions and eye bag fabric preference

Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist, Loving Kindness Lavender Oil, Mothers Day Gift

Lavender Mist & Oil

Lavender is clinically proven to help you relax. Here are some ways to use the Sweet Dreams Lavender Mist and Loving Kindness lavender oil to relieve stress and sweeten up the scent of your personal space:

  • Mist your bed linens for deep sleep
  • Mist your face to reduce computer stress
  • Mist or diffuse oil to calm a room

Culinary Lavender

Provence varietal culinary lavender is heavenly in baked goods, whipping cream, custards and ice cream. I'm including my favorite Lavender Lemon Cookie recipe with Gluten Free option.

Lavender is savory too...create your own Herbs de Provence by mixing equal parts ground lavender with marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

Sari Silk Eye Bag, Lavender Eye Bag, Self-Care

Silk Third-Eye Dream Pillow

Choice of fabrics: coral, fushia, copper, purple, or teal. Filled with flaxseed and lavender. Heat up this dream pillow to release more lavender scent.

Warm it up and use it on ache muscles. Store it in the freezer to cool down on a hot day.

Use at room tempature to cover your eyes, blocking out light for deeper relaxation, while you listen to your inner guidance. 

Angel Cards, Oracle Play, Daily Practice

Angel Cards

Start each day with good energy and angelic support. I keep these angel cards in a bowl and pull five each day to connect with:

  • support from the universe
  • positive energy

Draw 1, 3 or 5 Angel Cards or invite a friend to pull a card when they visit your home - these are playful reminders for your spirit.    

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