Good Energy Holiday Gift Bundle

In times like these, everyone needs energy healing... 

Wrap your virtual arms around a friend, family member or yourself with the gift of good energy tools. Give it all to one person or split it up and spread the love.

Here's a Video peek at a few of the Choices

Good Energy Gift Bundle Includes:

  • Clear Space with the Lavender Smudge Wand $30 value
  • Shift energy with the Empath Elixir $10 value
  • Relax with weighted Lavender Flaxseed Warming Pad $45 value
  • Hold Space with the Mantle of Protection or Prosperity $40 value
  • Create Your Breakthrough intentionally online course $99 value

Save over $100 with this holiday gift bundle

$119 + shipping $8 (value $228)
plus I'll include a FREE signed copy of my book Tame Your Energy Sensitivity

Order by midnight November 30th *I'll reach out to get your shipping instructions after purchase.

All the Inspiring Details

Energy Clearing Set

Three prayerfully handmade, organically grown lavender products from my farm in Central Oregon. 

1) Lavender Smudge Wand - burn it to clear energy in a room, to clear your psychic space or release blocks.

2) Empath Elixir 4oz a spritz of lavender water lifts your spirit when it's feeling heavy, helps you relax and feel fresh.

3) Weighted Stress Relief Lavender Flaxseed Warming Pad handmade with silk sari fabric. Use to Relax, Release, and Rejuvinate your energy.

Lavender Smudge Wand, Space Clearing, Energy Healing

Silk Mantle

Custom silk wrap infused healing energy. Used to decorate an altar or wrap around the shoulders as a virtual hug infused with Natalie's energy protection or manifestation intentions. Pick one design:

1) Mantle of Protection - Photo by Edica pacha printed on silk of a Protection rose, Natalie's hands holding a crystal ball, and owl feather

2) Mantle of Prosperity - photo by Edica Pacha of Natalie's hands holding Lakshmi, whimsical goddess of fortune, power and beauty.

Mantle of Protection, Silk Scarf, Good Vibe Gift
Mantle of Prosperity, Silk Scarf, Lakshmi Fortune

Create Your Breakthrough Course

Activate a personal breakthrough using this 3 day workshop to release blocks, get clear and create your new vision.

In this workshop I will walk your loved one through the steps that align soul (purpose) with body (action), mind (choice) and heart (emotion). 

DAY 1 Clarity, Inspiration & Intention 
DAY 2 Activate Your Breakthrough
DAY 3 Self Love & Your Sixth Sense

This course helps you gain more influence over your energy and take loving action to support new possibilities!

+ Signed Book

Understand and embrace intuitive awareness in this easy read. Learn simple energy tools to shift energy boundaries and feel with the sixth sensory energy you encounter. 

Natalie's book Tame Your Energy Sensitivity a Tigers Guide to Happiness for Sensitive People will be personally signed for whomever you choose. 

Book for Empaths, Sensitive People, Healthy Boundaries

Lavender Flaxseed Warming Pad Color Options Below
while supplies last, some are one of a kind

Lavender Flax Warming Pad, Stress Relief, Relaxation
Repurposed Silk Sari, Stress Relief, Lavender Gifts
Flaxseed Heating Pad, Lavender, Stress Relief
Self Care, Empath Support, Stress Relief

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