Empathy, Creation & Sexual Energy

June 3, 2010

Our second chakra region just below the belly button is the energy center where creative and sexual impulse originates.  To create life as a human requires igniting the primal sexual drive.  Many naturally intuitive people first learn to read from their second charka as it is the emotional space where we feel people and experience empathy.  When feeling into someone by reading from the second chakra it is nearly impossible to stay neutral.  We tend to get taken away by matching the emotions of the person we are responding to rather than seeing their situation from a balanced loving perspective.  When we encounter a person who is having a similar experience to one of our own, they can activate recessed feelings from our past and trigger a state of pain, grief or other empathetic emotion cycle for a period of time after we’ve felt their energy in our space.

To maintain our own stability, when responding to a friend in need of compassion, we learn to read from our sixth chakra, the center of head space between our ears and behind our eyes.  In this space we have clearer access to our own information and can maintain the balance and strength needed to be present for a loved one who is in an emotional state.  If you find yourself mirroring someone’s emotions, imagine taking an elevator up from your second chakra to your sixth chakra.  When you arrive in the sixth chakra you may need to claim your seniority and clean out anyone else who is energetically hanging out in your psychic space.  Often people who aren’t confident in their own intuitive capacity see our intuitive strength and hitchhike in our space to access that information.

The second chakra is also home to our sexual energy.  We learn to read sexual energy in others to gauge prospective mates and gain a sense of safety in relationships.  Many people are unconscious of their sexual energy and blame unwanted sexual attention they receive on the person showing them interest.  Yet often the sexual attention we receive is a reflection of how we present our energy in the second chakra.  We subconsciously learn from our parents a certain setting for our sexual-creative energy.  The resulting response from others may or may not provide the desired effect.  As they say, it takes two to tango and our power resides in self-awareness.  Cultures also have different boundaries for sexual energy.  In some cultures open expression of sexual energy is seen as disrespectful and inappropriate, while in other cultures it is normal.

When you sense someone’s sexual energy, if it feels like a violation of your comfort zone, consider whether it is the natural way this particular person carries themselves or if that energy is actually directed at you.  If you are clear that the energy is directed at you and you are not interested in it, then you may want to communicate that directly or visualize some form of energetic protection for yourself.  Imagine a rose in-between the two of you to filter any energy that is not welcomed and neutralize it.  On the other hand, it can be interesting to notice when energy you were previously taking offense to has nothing at all to do with you.  It is simply that person’s boundaries are different than your own.

The second chakra offers us a first primal feeling oriented way to read others intuitively.  As we develop our intuitive awareness, we learn that there are less disruptive ways to see.  Take a step back and notice the intention of unwelcomed sexual energy before coming to a conclusion.  Practice taking the elevator to your sixth chakra next time you find yourself taking on the emotions of another, and experience the inner peace that neutrality brings.

  • v. scott thompson says:

    Compassion projects and Empathy receives through the Heart chakra. I picture the connection with the divine through the Crown chakra instructing and energizing detachment and intuition accessed in the 6th chakra instructing through the creative and communication projective and receptive powers of the 5th chakra channelling to and through the Healing Love power of the Heart at the 4th. The lower chakras are at the same time open; but their energies are all sealed from outside influence and they are projecting upward… each one fueling the one above until the upward flow from below meets the downward flow from above and they join radiating outward in compassion. This healing is an intentional dance of all levels of Being in unison. Separation of self parts can be useful at times but the 6th chakra alone eventually become a cold emitter of Loveless projections.

  • Jessica says:

    How do you deal with unwanted sexual energy and feeling someone empathically who will not let go or does not know how to move on? Any suggestions?

    • Natalie says:

      Jessica, sorry for the delayed reply. I didn’t see this when it arrived. One of my favorite tools is to visualize a rose as protection and a filter between me and the person whose energy is trying to get in my space and is unwanted. I also like to visualize hanging up the telepathic phone line when I feel someone badgering me psychically who won’t leave me alone.

  • helen says:

    Thanks so much for this article. I had recently accepted that I am am empath and just now had had feelings of violation in my sex chakra and that I had to shut down in response. That did not make sense and I had panicked a bit thinking that I was indeed sexually abused as a child. I had always been cautious and guarded of my feelings but to be sexually abused, it didn’t make sense. From your article, I may have picked up someone’s feelings as I had only ( I think?) felt this way a few months ago.

    • Natalie says:

      Helen, I apologize for the delayed response. I didn’t catch this as it was on an old post. It is true, when we are energetically sensitive we can feel other people’s energy as our own. Their sexual wounds or desires. And this can be confusion because the energy shows up in such an intimate zone that we think we must be the source of it. Not so! Our second chakra is where we feel empathically, it is also our sexual and creative energy space. Once we learn that we can still “see” psychically with our sixth chakra (center of head) rather than have to “feel” everything to read it we begin to have much more physical and mental peace! Thanks for sharing. Natalie

  • helen says:

    But I didn’t know what I was actually feeling until just now. All I know was was that I had to protect my lower chakras and close them. My mother had a forced abortion so I may have picked it up from her.

  • dee says:

    Is it possible to feel someone’s sexual energy/attraction to you and to just “know” they feel strongly attracted to you? In this case, if this is true, this is a very good thing, because I’m extremely attracted to them.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Dee, The trouble with reading someone’s sexual energy intent is that we are seeing it through the filter of our own perspective. It maybe they are unconscious of their sexual energy and it is just ‘out there’ or it may be directed at you. I’ve found that even if a person’s sexual energy/attraction is there it doesn’t mean they will necessarily allow themselves to acknowledge or act on it. Tricky, I know but still a great intuitive observation!

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