Empath Strength Training

Build Psychic Self-Confidence

Registration closed until April 2024

As an intuitive, you’re wired to sense the energy and emotions of the people around you.

That can make you an incredibly attentive listener, a compassionate friend, and a trusted advisor.

But it can also be easy to absorb others' emotions—even confusing them for your own—and that can have detrimental effects on your well-being.

Many intuitive people report:

  • High levels of anxiety, stress, and trouble sleeping
  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the energy they sense in other people
  • Feeling like they’re somehow “different” from “normal” people

When you:

Feel distracted, uncertain about what to do with what you sense, or exhausted by energy . . .

Are never quite sure if the feeling you’re experiencing is your own or someone else’s . . .

Struggle to create boundaries that protect your energy . . .

Your intuition can feel more like weaknesses than gifts.

But when you learn to:

  • translate the messages from your psychic sense
  • recognize where feelings are coming from: what’s you, what’s someone else, and what’s something else
  • create strong, protective boundaries

It’s then that you can begin to feel psychic self-confidence —not doubt.

I’m Natalie, your mentor.

When I was working at a tech company, surrounded by stressed-out co-workers, I escaped to the gym on my lunch hour. . . and not because I loved the treadmill.

By noon every day, I felt overwhelmed from sensing the stress, anger, and anxiety present in the building. I didn’t know what to do with it. Working out was the only way I could think to release some of the energy that was weighing me down.

The gym helped, but I needed a longer-lasting solution. So I started to study energy.

For a dozen years, two parallel paths transformed my life while I maintained a business career: Studying under my spiritual mentor, Dawn Eagle Woman, and learning to understand my psychic nature with professional training and practice. 

Now, 27 years later, I teach other intuitively aware people, using what’s worked for me to help them create a sustainable practice that allows them to live fully as their authentic selves—without sacrificing their mental or physical health.

Sacred Mentor, Empath Strength Training, Stress Relief

You've tried so many things to relieve stress.

Whether you’ve gone to therapy, spent time in nature, meditated, worked out, or taken yoga classes, you know the importance of showing up for yourself.

Now, eliminate the stress with new energy boundaries.

Through Empath Strength Training live classes, you’ll not only learn tools to unlock your intuitive gift, but you’ll also have the built-in accountability to show up and use them.

During the twice-monthly, live online classes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify energy “leaks” and reclaim your personal energy
  • Build healthy boundaries that create safe space for you and your own energy
  • Listen to (and trust) your intuition
  • Clear and reset energy in your home
  • Own your spiritual gifts, empowering all that you do
  • Be conscious of your own energy field
  • Remove energy blocks in yourself
  • Stay centered when the energy is wacky around you
  • Protect yourself from others’ negative energy
  • Discern: Is it me or is it someone else? (and what to do about it)

With a clear success path for boundary setting, clearing energy, discernment, energetic seniority, and psychic sight.

“These tools have been a lifesaver!””

With back-to-back Zoom calls plus the craziness in the world, being able to find focus and center quickly in order to enter all calls with 100% attention and not feel drained has been the key to ending the day energized and restored.

— Anne

“Empath Strength Training has given me new,
easy-to-use tools.”

Much easier to learn than by reading a book! 

The group energy is always so powerful and I feel inspired afterwards.

— Louise

“For the first time, I understand myself.”

For the first time in my 42 years of life,
I am finally beginning to understand myself in a way I have been yearning for so long. 

It is as if I am entering into Hogwarts. I'm so excited to continue practicing.

— Antonia

With the Empath Strength Training membership, you’ll receive:

  • Live online classes (2 per month) featuring energy tool tutorials and guided application practice
  • Validation of what you sense use the tools first on yourself then if you choose practice with a classmate 
  • Large library of tools you can access over 120 video and audio recordings with support materials 24/7
  • The ONLY discount available for Private Reading and Healing Sessions: EST Members receive $25 OFF
  • The best discount on all other classes and events hosted during your membership

Each class session includes:

  • Energy-setting exercises
  • A lesson on a specialty topic, like setting boundaries, cutting energy cords, or healing energy whacks
  • A demonstration or explanation of an energy-protective tool to assist with that topic
  • Guided practice using that tool
  • Option to practice with a classmate in a breakout room -- where real validation happens!
  • A closing, protective positive energy exercise

Add healing to your monthly practice!

Upgrade to receive a monthly Group Reading + Healing session with your Empath Strength Training membership.

During each group reading + healing session, you’ll receive a healing related to each question asked in the group. 

Similar to my private sessions, during each group reading + healing session: 

  • I accept questions from volunteers and will read the asker based on their question
  • I’ll then look psychically at all attendees; wherever I see matching programs, pictures or wounds related to what was revealed, I’ll give a healing and update to all in need.

Put self-care first, Group Reading and Healing Session are on the second Sunday of each month for 2 hours starting at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern / 6pm Greenwich. 

In the group format, you learn about yourself and have an opportunity to ask a question with regard to the specific theme you’re wondering about—whether life, love, health, business, or something else. You also gain surprising insights based on the questions that the other attendees ask, too.

“When Natalie formed the Group Healing sessions, I felt a bit shy and nervous about joining. I feel a resonance with the other participants. I am honored to witness the bravery and vulnerability everyone shows up with. It’s given me more courage to be seen. Plus, the bonus to receive healings on wounds that may be unknown to us. It's such a valuable reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles.”

— Lori B

“In the group reading with Natalie, we removed possibly the biggest program or conditioning that wasn’t allowing me to stand for my own life, for my own self-love, the ability to trust the knowing of what I feel in my body.” 

— Kimberly

“Personally, I received healing from almost everyone's question.” 

— Tury

“I was surprised that I felt something in common with everyone’s questions and the wave of healing.” 

— Lori D

This group only opens once or twice each year.

To hold space for current members in the way that best serves them and their energy, this program opens at most twice per year—sometimes only once!

There’s no minimum commitment, so if you feel like EST might be for you, now is the time to register.

Membership in Empath Strength Training is the only way to receive a discount on Group Reading and Healing sessions.

Offered once a month, Group Sessions are regularly priced at $75 per session, except for EST members who sign up at the “HEAL” membership level, you save $30 monthly on the group reading and healing session at the $94 EST membership level.





Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to set aside for Empath Strength Training?

The live classes meet twice a month, for an hour each session. You can attend live or watch the replay, which is always made available on the membership site!

Beyond that, I encourage you to spend 5 minutes each morning setting your energy. This can be done in the shower, while making breakfast, walking the dog, or other “mindless” morning activities—no need to set aside special time for it!

I’ve been working on myself for a long time, but I’m still not where I want to be. Can this program really make me feel better? 

The most important thing I can stress here is—the work works, if you show up

Many of my students have dedicated themselves to personal practices like yoga, therapy, meditation. Many are even professional healers, psychotherapists, doctors! They come to Empath Strength Training because other practices haven’t taught them how to effectively set energy boundaries and integrate their sensory input as empaths.

Empath Strength Training is designed to help you create a sustainable energy practice that can heal the disruptions in your nervous system. Come to class, learn the tools, and dedicate 5 minutes a day to setting your energy.

My student Kendal says: 

“I really didn’t think I would ever have the bandwidth to do the work for Empath Strength Training, but I can see now how it has saved my life. It’s basically medically important for me that I do the work once in the morning per day before anything else. It’s really the only thing getting me through this time.”

I’m not sure if I’m an empath. Is this for me?

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re an empath . . . then yes, Empath Strength Training is probably for you!

Most of us have spent our lives being told we’re “just sensitive” or even that our insights are flat-out wrong. For some of us, ignoring our energy awareness became a survival skill.

We’ve either been so conditioned to not notice what our energy is telling us, we’ve lost trust in our intuition. That’s really where the stress and anxiety starts, with that distrust. We’re distressing ourselves—mentally and physically.

So if you’re doubting whether or not you’re energy-sensitive, you probably are. And I’ll be happy to help you rediscover your intuition and sensitivity through Empath Strength Training.

How do I know this is the right place for me?

If you:

  • Are exhausted after spending time with angry, sad or needy people

  • Feel other people’s emotions

  • Are ever unsure about why you’re feeling a certain emotion

  • Struggle to set boundaries and find yourself zapped or taking on other people’s feelings

  • Self-isolate to manage your energy sensitivity

. . . then Empath Strength Training is for you.

There are some specific topics I’d love to learn. How can I find out if you’re going to teach about them?

If there are particular topics you’re interested in, let me know! I accept requests for class topics and design content around them. 

In the past, students have requested tools for co-dependence/addiction, what to do when you’re the one who caused harm, how to communicate with their spirit guides, and other themes. 

You can email questions or ask them in class throughout your membership. In this way, the program and its content can be quite customizable!

When do classes take place?

Live classes take place on Tuesday evenings (6pm PT / 9pm ET) twice each month. If you aren’t able to attend sessions live, you can find both video and audio recordings, plus class notes, on the membership site.

What if I miss a session live?

Life happens! I’m here to support you with replays and class notes, which are posted within 4 hours of each class.

I sometimes struggle with things like meditation because I can’t see pictures in my mind / can’t visualize. Will this work for me?

We all process senses differently. In Empath Strength Training, I provide awareness and support for not only those who see images, but also for those who feel sensations in their body, hear information, “just know it,” or experience other sensory input during the exercises.

Energy responds to attention! And shifting it starts with imagination. You don’t need to “see” it to create change. In EST, you’ll learn to use your imagination in the context of how sensory data comes to you, whether auditory, tactile, or something else. I’ll show you how to use your own strengths and natural processing systems to put these energy tools to work!

Is this a meditation course?

Not really. The goal of meditation is generally to empty one’s mind. Here, in Empath Strength Training, we’re focusing on directing our mind, giving it a specific goal that will help us protect our energy and use it effectively.

What if a tool doesn’t work for me—or I just don’t like a tool very much?

I invite you to take what works for you and let go of what doesn’t as you tune in to your energy and intuition. I’ve done the same in my 25+ years studying energy and energy sensitivity! Feel free to incorporate the exercises that resonate with you and set anything else aside.

"Energy sensitives, also known as empaths, often have navigated life not understanding their true nature. 

Many have heard the whispers of their inner guidance but don't know how to translate it or what to do with the information. 

The messages from their body have long been disregarded, and they've often experienced intuitive hints as something ‘wrong’ with them. 

Relearning trust for an empath means understanding that a knot in the stomach or anxiety for ‘no reason’ is in fact an empathic sensitivity trying to get their attention."

— Natalie Cutsforth, Tame Your Energy

Safe. Clear. Calm. Grounded. Self-Confident.

Find what you’re looking for with the Empath Strength Training program.

Remember, this membership opens at most twice a year. 

Your peace is too valuable to wait for “next time.”

Registration Closed Until April 2024





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