Compelling Urges & Past Lives

December 15, 2010

We all experience moments of feeling compelled to repeat unproductive behavior, or drawn to a place or person with an intensity that doesn’t make sense relative to our life reference points.  In these instances, a magnetic power seems to be at play from which it is hard to break free.  The triggered emotional response influences our choices and actions.  Frequently the root of these inexplicable episodes is in a past life experience left unresolved.  It usually doesn’t feel good to have this type of compelling urge.  It feels a bit crazy, out of our control, vulnerable and illogical.  A look at our past lives reveals responses and behaviors that have no basis in our conscious history.  We use intuitive tools to gain clarity, break the cycle and reclaim our power.

Past life experiences are brought to our awareness to give us the opportunity to heal unresolved emotions that continue to unconsciously affect the present.  We can ignore, suppress or devalue the energy, but by doing so we are simply allowing it to remain in the backlog of unfinished business we tow around through this life and into the next. To objectively look at our own past life information we need to take the elevator up from our instinctual second chakra feeling space to our intuitive sixth chakra seeing place.  From that center of our intuitive space, we ask to see the root of the repetitive pattern and the details of the experience from this lifetime or a past life that generated it.   Once we have followed the story of that lifetime in our minds eye, we can acknowledge that our feelings were a valid response at that time.  Then we say to ourselves, “This feeling is no longer true in present time.”  In this way we reclaim our power to generate a new experience.  Next we watch all energetic-charge from the unresolved or false beliefs it contains release.  This can be visualized as the energy moving out of the past life memory into a bubble, that is sent far away and popped, or draining off of it through a grounding cord.  With the energetic-charge released from this past experience, we ask our Akashic (soul) record keeper to update our soul’s record with this shift. As a final step, we fill in our energy space with a big golden ball of light vibrating at our own energy.

Our desire for answers and inner-peace sets the intention for what is revealed in the process of reading past lives.  Ultimately the question we are asking of this information is, “what does it mean for my life now?”  The answer we receive holds a deeper truth, allowing us to heal in this lifetime.  Exploring our past lives helps us more gracefully move through the lessons our soul came here to learn.

  • v scott thompson says:

    This is SO relevant to what is happening to me in my consciousness right now. I have for awhile opened up to a degree to integrating feelings and expesiences from a past life We discussed into my life as part of my spiritual growti process, and discovered that giving power and presence to some of these feelings pressures me toward behaviors and less evolved consciousness inconsistent with who I have become in this life. Those parts that conflict and do not serve I can now fairly easily erase and wash away. I am further building containments and channels using what I have learned through this to protect against harmful energies and patterns generally and to promote peace and progress within. Thank You for this powerfully helpful focus of insight.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen that photo of Mom and Dad holding Connie before. Wow…that was along time ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my grandparents’ house. They always had the arched entryway decorated with big colored lights at Christmas time. When I walked through it, I felt like I was entering a wonderland. Special memories from my childhood.

    • Natalie says:

      Sandy, Philippe took a photo of that photo one year when we were visiting Great Aunt Deed so it must be one she took long ago. I estimated the year by Connie’s age. It could be Nanny was pregnant with you in that photo? I’ll email the fullsize one to you. Love ya!

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