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Be-aware of Conflicting Information

March 1, 2010
Protect Your Energy, Harmful Spiritual Entities, Abuse of Power

You have a gut feeling but it doesn’t line up with what the person in front of you is saying.  Making sense of the conflict between actions, intentions and words can be challenging.  People show us what they want us to see.  This is not necessarily intentional deception it can simply be the individual reflecting what they believe to be true, having an incomplete picture of themselves or what they represent.  Assumptions are made without asking enough or the right questions.  Doubt seeps in.  This is where it is critically important that we learn to validate our intuitive knowing.  When we get that inner nudge that something is awry in a situation the first thing to do is listen, question what is instigating the red flag.  Is it incongruence in words and actions or words and words; is it the lack of eye contact or an energetic sensation?

Use your five senses to flesh out doubts.  What do you see in the person’s body language and eyes, do you hear clarity or a wavering in their voice, how did that handshake or hug feel, is there a subtle acidic smell emanated from anger or fear?  The only way you will learn is from acting on your intuitive truth (it).  There will always be opportunity for doubt especially when you want to trust someone, their information sounds logical and listening to your intuition is counter to what you want to believe.  I’ve found this in business when looking at a sales opportunity.  The client has a project they need your service or product to make happen.  You have a competitive chance and may be blinded by the desire to win the business.  Access you intuition to sense if the business is truly available to be won.  Often the decision is yet to be made.  Your intuition will help you see if the client has already selected a competitor’s solution without revealing it or is just collecting detailed scope and pricing through a proposal process in order to do it themselves.  Using your intuitive sense can save a lot of energy and time chasing a dead end opportunity.  The more curious you become of your intuitive nudges the more you will learn to trust the information. 

Look for more next week on how what we want to believe gets in the way of seeing the truth.

  • Patricia says:

    I appreciate these insights and the reminder to not waste time. Simple intuition can take us a long way!

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